Trying to grow your business
in a crowded & competitive market? 
Trying to grow your business in a crowded & competitive market?
Rarely-Disclosed Formula Learned From The Marketing Wizard Behind
A $1.8 Billion Dollar Publishing Giant guarantees...
For ONLY $7 You Guarantee...
  • Your marketing is no longer drowned-out by your competitors ads and marketing funnels...
  • Your marketing is no longer dismissed by prospects as just another pitch or "me too" advertisement...
  • Your message, product/service, and offer break through all the competitive noise in your marketplace...
  •  And your funnels and ads and emails are never ignored!
“I love Todd Brown. 
I think he’s a GENIUS…”
Founder - Clickfunnels
“If you really WANT TO MOVE THE NEEDLE, you have to focus on your 'Big Idea' first. It's the thing that makes all the rest of your marketing EASY.”
Creator - Product launch Formula
“Todd Brown is a GENIUS marketer and one of the biggest people that have had an IMPACT on me and my business”
Founder - The Ask Method
“Has not only upgraded my marketing chops…but has also given me so much CLARITY on how to tweak everything I do. EPIC
Creator- Autoresponder Madness
"It's going to have people's jaw drop open and have them want to listen, want to watch and WANT TO BUY EVERYTHING you do. That's why you're going to have a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE nobody else is going to be able to beat."
Creator - Live Your Message
"This entire system that Todd has put together is just MAGNIFICENT! That's why I'm so excited."
Creator - The Challenge
From: Todd Brown
West Palm Beach, Florida

From: Todd Brown
West Palm Beach, Florida
If you're in a saturated market with lots of competition... 

And struggling to get your prospect's attention amongst all the marketing and ads they're seeing...

Then this will be one of the most valuable books you ever own...
With your instant access digital copy of this new book...

Your marketing will stand-out... get attention... and engage prospects as something... 
New & Different!
Prospective buyers in your marketplace will instantly see your stuff as fresh and unique. 

And this is CRITICAL if you're competing in a crowded, competitive market. 

Or going-up against lots of other sharp marketers.

Or trying to compete with outside factors like the news-cycle, doom and gloom and swaying attention spans of your audience.

Because, today, simply screaming a louder promise... making a bigger claim... or using hyped-up marketing copy... is no longer nearly as effective.

If that's how you're designing your marketing today... that is the exact reason why most prospects in your market are likely ignoring your ads and marketing campaigns. 

Today, prospects see that type of marketing as a sales pitch from a mile away.  

So they ignore it... or... at best, approach it reluctantly with their guard up and "sales filter" fully on.

Either way, puffery is now wildly ineffective. 

And it's no longer going to get your marketing the attention and engagement you need to generate significant, steady new customer sales. 

Not anymore. 

Today, you need something different...

Something "bigger".
Here's how legendary adman, David Ogilvy, put it...
"It takes a BIG IDEA to attract the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product." 
A Big Marketing Idea is...
A Uniquely Effective marketing hook Because... 
It captivates your prospect's interest on an emotional and intellectual level. 

And it piques their curiosity, captures their focus, and compels prospects to engage with your marketing. Driving them to want to hear more from you.

That's why, with a Big Marketing Idea, your marketing message itself gives your prospects a feeling of DISCOVERY! An exciting "AHA! Moment"

And it makes them feel like they've stumbled on something new, unique, and different...

Something valuable and interesting. 
This drives prospects to want to know, See, And Hear More From You...

A Big Marketing Idea is NOT just another way of writing an ad or coming-up with some whiz-bang headline. 

And it's NOT some futile exercise in creativity or a way of stimulating ideas.  

Not at all!

It's a REPEATABLE FORMULA... for presenting your marketing message so prospects find it fresh, exciting, and irresistible. So they respond, engage, and buy. 

And it works without you ever having to be hypey, salesy, or obnoxious... 

Without any b.s., exaggerated claims, or fluff... 

And without using any kind of sleazy click bait style "Which sexy Hollywood celebrity are you most like" garbage.

It's a proven, repeatable, and reliable formula that does not fail. 

And when your marketing is built with a Big Marketing Idea:
  •  Your marketing stands head and shoulders out of the crowd...
  •  It commands and gets attention...
  •  So you get more clicks on your ads... more leads on your email list... and more sales from new customers.  
Like John Hutchison, whose Big Marketing Idea helped him launch a new business for a new product with a new marketing campaign... 
Months later, John messaged me on Facebook with an update:
All thanks to the power of the Big Marketing Idea.

And John is not alone. 

There are dozens of stories I could share with you of folks just like John experiencing incredible business growth from just their very first Big Marketing Idea. 

Not too mention, my own story...

In fact, what you'll learn inside the pages of this new book is the same process I used to win a black BMW 328i... with a marketing campaign I created and launched in just 14 days.
No Ordinary Marketing Book
And you'll see right away...

This is no run-of-the-mill marketing book. 

Because you won't find a bunch of tips or theories or wild concepts on any of the pages. 

Instead, you'll learn the proven and repeatable FORMULA for finding and developing your own Big Marketing Ideas.

The same formula entrepreneurs paid $10,000 each to learn from me at a live, two-day training in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Meaning: This book is NOT some "sales pitch" in disguise or some "lead magnet" designed to leave you wanting more. 

Not at all! In fact...
Here's Just Some Of What you'll Discover In Your Copy Of This Extraordinary New Book:
  • The Big Marketing Idea Formula! -- the secret to standing-out and getting attention for your marketing message... no matter how competitive or crowded your marketplace may be! (Page 38)
  • 3 surefire ways to position your product so it's never viewed as the same old thing your competitors are offering! Page 52.
  • The simple chart which tells you the perfect sales-generating promise to use in any marketing campaign! Flip to page 73.
  • How to quickly turn your Big Marketing Idea into fast profits from cold traffic! Page 103.
  • If you're going up against "A-level" marketers or well-known companies , include these 2 things somewhere in the first three sentences of your marketing and watch how fast you begin to out-sell them! See page 45.
  • GOOGLE SLAP TRIGGERS! What never to say in any of your marketing! It drives your prospects away to buy a competitor's product. (Page 47)
  • How to market and sell the same product every day for years... without your marketing ever getting stale or dated! Page 96.
  • Does your marketing bypass the dreaded Categorical Imperative? If not, you're losing sales every day. See page 26 to make sure.
  • How to prevent your prospects from experiencing "Mental Opt-Out", so they don't see your marketing and bail! Go to page 26.
  • MARKETING GRID!: A single graph that tells you exactly how your marketing needs to speak to prospects so they're captivated by your message! (Page 102)  
  • How to know with certainty when you have a winning headline... with a glance at the Promise Exposure Spectrum. Page 74.
  • AVOID!: Which common "headline formulas" you should never, ever use -- see page 25.
  • 10 real examples of million-dollar-plus Big Marketing Ideas you can swipe and model for your own marketing! Flip to page 61.
  • CASE STUDIES!: 3 examples of how to take the most ordinary product and make it wildly exciting to prospects! (Page 48)
  • How Tim Ferris found and used a Big Marketing Idea to sell 1.3 million copies of his first book. (Page 21)
  • The amazing "Action Figure" Technique that will make your marketing message absolutely irresistible to prospects! Page 91. 
  • How to use a Big Marketing Idea to slash your traffic-generation costs in half! See page 104.
  • The key to finding a Big Marketing is creativity, right? WRONG! Flip to page 83 to learn why you never want to rely on creativity. And what to do instead.
  • What legendary copywriter, Gary Bencivenga, reads to find his Big Marketing Ideas which have produced millions in sales... and brought-in new customers for years! Page 84.
  • The secret of Transubstantiation -- how to make even the most ordinary, common product or service feel unique, different, and special... without ever lying or stretching the truth! Page 55.
  • The single most important sentence you will ever read about how to create powerfulmarketing. It contains just six words, and they will forever change your approachto marketing. Page 17.
  • How to get more clicks on all your ads... from ready-to-buy prospects... that turn into new sales, fast! Page 94.
  • CHEAT SHEET: 10 elements of every Big Marketing Idea! In just minutes you'll know your idea is nailed! Page 29.
  • How to tap into a monster source of new sales from the largest, ignored segment of your marketplace. Your competitors are clueless about this. You won't be. See page 103.
  • What you must do in your marketing if your prospects have lots of different products or services to choose from. It makes your offer the only logical choice! Page 46.
  • Why you'll never struggle to find your next Big Marketing Idea when you deploy the "Other Pareto Principle"! Page 86.
  • ...and much, MUCH MORE!
Works For Any Product Or Service
Works For Any 
Product Or Service
And, YES!... what you'll find in this book will bring you more sales no matter what type of product or service you're selling. And no matter what price point you're selling at -- high or low.

As long as you're not selling a pure commodity... like a gallon of gasoline... this book absolutely has the power to revolutionize your marketing.

And it's NOT some gimmick... fad... or fly-by-night method. 

What you'll find on the pages of this extraordinary book is...

The single most powerful marketing method I've discovered over my 18-year career for generating new customers, clients and sales! 
Just one “Big Idea” for one marketing funnel can make you more money than most will make in their entire lifetime.

For example: 
With ONE marketing funnel built on ONE big idea...
  • My good buddy and former business partner, Rich Schefren, created one twenty-nine page Report, The Internet Business Manifesto, and generated over $3,000,000.00 in 7 days… and over $7,000,000.00 in the following 12 months!
  • Mike Palmer, the copywriter who wrote The End Of America, Agora’s most successful promotion — and who is now, because of that, personally a multi-millionaire — generated over $250,000,000.00 in total sales!
  • Frank Kern helped his client, Neil Strauss, market a product in the dating niche called, “The Annihilation Method”… and generated $1,415,625.00 in just four hours!
  • ​And, because of another Big Idea… when Frank created his first version of his Mass Control product — which was really his first official solo product in the IM niche and before he had the reputation he does today — his one marketing funnel…
Generated Multiple Millions Of Dollars For HimSELF!
And there's more...
  • Mark Ford, at the age of just 33, launched his first financial newsletter subscription, The Oxford Club, which generated over 30,000 customers, was later sold to Agora, and allowed Mark to retire… financially-free… before turning 40!
  • Mike Filsaime generated over $5,238,000.00 from sales of his Butterfly Marketing product! And, years later when he published version two… and used the same Big Idea for the marketing… he generated another seven figures in sales!
  • ​And Porter Stansberry launched S&A Investment Research… which today is the largest investment advisory in the world… generating over $100,000,000.00 a year! 
All… from… just one “Big Idea”. 

And that’s why I have become absolutely convinced that it’s more crucial for you to focus your attention on learning how to develop “Big Ideas” for your marketing, than on any other single thing — regardless of what business you’re in, what you sell, and what marketing funnels you currently have in place. 

Look: I don’t care who you are or how much you make right now, I can assure you it’s not even close to what you could be making...

What you don’t know about the “Big Idea” is costing you a fortune. 

But here’s the exciting thing...

If you’ll learn how to develop “Big Ideas” for your marketing, you’ll… then… hold in your hands the key to open virtually any vault you like… remove as much from it as you like… and… 

Create any life you want...
And that’s what this book will do for you.
ready to have this little book
change your life too?
ready to have this little book
change your life too?
"Spent $509 in Facebook ads and it generated $3,200 in revenue."
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- Maurice Alexander Lee
"Given me a marketing brain transplant"
- Jim Niswonger
"Great book"
- Dave Espino
"Todd Brown's How to Find Your Big Marketing Idea is by far the most impactful marketing book I've read."
- Dimitri Nikollakakis
"Worth way more than if I paid $500 for it"
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"Buying the book thanks Todd"
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What To Do Next:
The price for the book is JUST $7 right now. That's it.

And you get it instantly as a download.

As soon as you place your order, you'll get an automated email with a link to download the book immediately. 

You do NOT need a Kindle, Nook, or any fancy eReader to enjoy it. You can access it anywhere, anytime, on any device. 

And you can dig-in and start reading it in the next few minutes. 

And, in case you're wondering ...
Why Only $7?
What's The Catch?
Well, there is NO CATCH.

There's nothing else you have to buy... no hidden subscription to purchase... and no wacky contest you need to win. 

None of that.

I'm sharing this book with you for only $7 because I want to WOW! you with real value. 

My hope is you'll love it and be blown away by the impact on your business. And this will become the start of a long and prosperous business relationship for us. 

With that said...
This Is A Limited-Time Offer
Look: This offer and price is a marketing test.

So I have no idea how long it will be available. 

It may be for months. It may be for weeks. It may be just days. I really don't know. 

If and when advertising costs get too high, I'll have to make the tough decision to either raise the price or, likely, pull the offer down.

So, yes, this is a real limited-time offer. 
Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee
If you're like me, your inundated with dozens of options of books to read and courses to buy. Not knowing what's worthwhile and what's going to be a waste of time.

So here's the deal:

You absolutely love the book or I'll give you back your $7. 

And you don't have to return anything or send anything back. 

You don't have to do anything other than shoot my support team one email, or give them a buzz with the phone number on your receipt, and you'll get your $7 back, no questions asked. 

It doesn't get much easier than that, right?
Claim Your Copy Now 
While This Offer Is Still Available
Special Bonus Gift #1 - $199 Value
The Big Marketing Idea Multi-Media Training Bundle
This will show you the FAST way to get new customer sales with the power of your own Big Marketing Idea!
With The Big Marketing Idea Multi-Media Training Bundle, you get the full HD Training Videos, Audio Training, Handouts, and Big Marketing Idea Execution Guide.

Everything you need to have your first Big Marketing Idea implemented and generating sales in just days!

Valued at $199, but now yours completely free.
Special Bonus Gift #2 - $497 Value
The "E5 Funnel Optimisation Session"
One question I get is…

How exactly can I implement this and get results as fast possible?

So my team and I put together our heads and decades of combined experience, and designed a very unique implementation process - The E5 Funnel Optimisation Program.

Basically, for a limited time I am including a personal, private and 1-on-1 funnel optimisation call with one of my two marketing funnel automation strategists.

They'll show you how to hit the ground running, put everything you’ll discover inside How to Find Your Big Marketing Idea into action, and make it almost impossible for you to fail.

​Each of our MFA Strategists is hand selected by me and knows the ins and outs of running wildly profitable campaigns using my proprietary E5 method.

In other words… they walk the walk and will show you how to turn the big marketing idea into a full-blown marketing campaign that brings you new customers, new clients, new sales and new profits day in and day out.

They'll help you identify specific spots in your current marketing funnel, where you can make certain tweaks to bump conversions, acquire more customers or generate more sales. 

This is for you if you're looking to double, triple, even quadruple your sales conversions and volume of new customers that you get every week.

When you start to use what we’ll be sharing with you on your funnel optimisation call, it’ll become the foundation of everything you do from a marketing and advertising point of view, and you can experience tremendous and extremely fast results like our clients do.
  • For example, my client and friend Charles Kirkland, who took a single big idea I helped him develop for just one of his funnels and generated an additional $52,000 within just seven days, and a total of over $100,000 in the first 30 days.
  • ​Or like my client Boris Karesin, who just 14 days after I taught him just two pieces of this process generated almost an extra $40,000 in sales.
  • ​Like my client Damir who within less than 30 days of creating a long form sales letter funnel I helped him with generated a quick $25,000 in sales
  • ​Like Graham English who used my process for a brand new funnel, and without any upsells or anything immediately started generating $6 a new sales for every $1 of traffic. 
  • ​Or like Shola, who also launched a brand-new funnel using my process and immediately saw an R.O.I. of 20 to 1. So for every $1 of traffic that she pumped into a new funnel $20 in sales came back.
And I could go on and on with clients story after client story. 

We probably have more success stories in the industry than anyone else, and there’s a reason for this.

But more importantly...

We want YOU to be our next success story. 

We want you too to have your own crazy profitable marketing funnel that kicks off $5 $10 $20 or more for every $1 of traffic that we generate for you.

And in case you're wondering, at the end of your funnel optimisation call, there is no obligation to buy anything.
You'll be getting an extremely valuable funnel optimisation session that will show you one or more points in your current marketing funnel that you can exploit for more conversions, sales and profits, the moment that you get off the call.

Now here's the thing. We just started offering these funnel optimisation sessions. And as of right now, there's no charge whatsoever for these funnel optimisation calls.  

So between the fact that there are only two MFA strategists doing these calls and that there's already been an influx of applications, you need to act today.  
Special Bonus Gift #2 - $299 Value
My Gun-To-The-Head Playbook: What I’d Do, If Forced, To Add At Least An Extra Million-Dollars To Any Business
Listen carefully as I lays-out my go-to set of moves and manoeuvres to drive at least a MILLION DOLLARS IN ADDED SALES, for almost any business, over the next 365 days.
  •  What to FOCUS on and what to put aside. 
  •  Where to allocate your TIME and RESOURCES and which to skip. 
  •  What METRICS to monitor and which to ignore. 
  •  What type of PROMOTIONS to launch, when, where, and how.
And much, much more…
Special Bonus Gift #3 - $59 Value
The Marketing Blueprint To Dominating ANY Niche
“If you had to start all over again, what would you do differently?”

This question was answered by the man who’s considered the #1 authority on engineering profitable customer acquisition campaigns in the world.

His answer turned out to be the exact customer-generation blueprint to dominating ANY niche… no matter what your skill level is or what product you’re selling.

Only a few people have access to this interview file - and now it’s available to you for $0 right now.
Special Bonus Gift #4 - $59 Value
COPY-HYPE! - The Counterintuitive Secret To Writing Million-Dollar Copy…Used By A-List Copywriters... Without “Hyped Up” Or Exaggerated Claims
Writing copy is one of THE most valuable skills in building a successful online business today.

But the internet today is BLOATED with a lot of hype... exaggerations... and blown-up copy claims like “the jealously guarded, explosive, unbelievable secrets of a hidden Ninja marketer”...

Copy like this DOESN’T work anymore.

However, this little book will show you the counterintuitive secret (currently being used by the top A-list copywriters in the game) for writing million-dollar copy without sounding like an overhyped salesman.
Special Bonus Gift #5 - $59 Value
$100 Million Dollar BIG IDEA Swipe File
This private swipe file hands you several examples of real-world promotions that have produced multiple millions in new customers and sales.
Now you have multi-million dollar ideas at your fingertips so you never struggle again to come up with a wildly profitable idea for your next funnel!

All yours at absolutely no cost to you.
So, For just $7, you GET...
  • “How To Find Your Big Marketing Idea” Book – Discover the secret to standing out and getting attention for your business... no matter how competitive or crowded your industry may be!
  • FREE Bonus #2: The Big Marketing Idea Multi-Media Training Bundle ($199 Value) – With The Big Marketing Idea Multi-Media Training Bundle, you get the full HD Training Videos, Audio Training, Handouts, and Big Marketing Idea Execution Guide.
  • FREE Bonus #3: My Gun-To-The-Head Playbook: What I’d Do, If Forced, To Add At Least An Extra Million-Dollars To Any Business ($299 Value) – My personal go-to set of moves and manoeuvres to drive at least a MILLION DOLLARS IN ADDED SALES, for almost any business, over the next 365 days.
  • FREE Bonus #4: The Marketing Blueprint To Dominating Any Marketplace ($59 Value) – The exact blueprint to dominating ANY niche… no matter what your skill level is or what product you’re selling.
  • FREE Bonus #5: COPY-HYPE! - The Counterintuitive Secret To Writing Million-Dollar Copy…Used By A-List Copywriters... Without “Hyped Up” Or Exaggerated Claims ($59 Value) – Counterintuitive copywriting secret… currently being used by the top A-list copywriters in the game… for writing million-dollar copy without sounding like an overhyped salesman.
  • FREE Bonus #6: The $100 Million Swipe File ($59 Value) – Multi-million dollar customer-generating ideas at your fingertips so you never struggle again to come up with a wildly profitable idea for your next funnel!
You likely don't realize it yet, but in the next few minutes you're going to learn the single most powerful way to generate new customer sales. 

And as you study every word of this book, you'll become more and more aware of why the Big Marketing Idea is such a powerful business-building tool for you.

And by the time you finish reading it, you'll be amazed by how your marketing is so much more effective and profitable.

You're going to love it!
Todd Brown
 Advanced issues found
Todd Brown

P.S. One more point. It's important: 

A few months from today, you could still be struggling to get noticed... struggling to get clicks... and struggling to make sales in an even more competitive marketplace. 

Or... you could be the one everyone is talking about... with your own powerhouse marketing campaign bringing you new customer sales, every day.

FACT: The choice is yours.

The book is JUST $7.

And it gives you everything you need to generate new customer sales with your own Big Marketing Idea. And do it over and over as often as you'd like. 

There's no catch... no fine print... no extra things for you buy.

And you absolutely love the book or I'll give you back your $7. And you can even keep the book as my gift.
 Advanced issues found
  • If you DON'T like the information inside this Multimedia Training package...
  • If you're NOT​​ head-over-heels about the results the Big Idea brings to your business...
P.P.S. Bluntly, the rest of 2024 may be a tough road for many coaches, consultants, marketers and experts.

You can, unfortunately, already sense their fear.

And you will hear their pain. 

You will see many of them retreat, downsize, and down scale. 

Many within sights of some goal, be it early retirement, financial freedom, will see that goal disappear in front them.

And because, they’ll be working with a rusted tool box of old/ordinary strategies they’ll be powerless to do anything about it.

While misery loves company, there’s no law that says you must join them!

Inside How to Find Your Big Idea you'll be getting my new and proven formula for ensuring you stand out and attract a consistent stream of new customers, sales and profits from your marketing.

P.P.S. Remember this easy to digest book and bonuses will be delivered instantly when you invest today. No waiting weeks or months for shipping. You'll get access immediatedly upon checkout. 

Grab your copy by clicking the button below.
About Todd Brown...
Considered the #1 authority on engineering profitable customer acquisition campaigns...

Todd Brown is the expert other experts go to when they need help with their own business. With clients in over 33 different countries, operating in over 65 different mass and niche markets, it's been said that Todd has helped his students engineer more six and seven-figure funnels than any other expert online today.
His list of coaching students, consulting clients, and subscribers reads like a Who's Who of A-List Entrepreneurs. His Agency has created the promotions behind some of the biggest direct response marketers and companies online today.

And, entrepreneurs fly-in to West Palm Beach, Florida -- from all around the globe -- for a single day of guidance with Todd to learn his renowned E5 Method.