Tiny, Yet Proven Conversion Hacks YouCan Pop Into Any Marketing FunnelFor More Sales. Instantly!

More Leads, More Sales, More Profits *Almost* Instantly?

Dear coach, consultant, expert, marketer and/or online course creator,

I am about to choose my words to you very carefully….

Because if you know anything about me and the reputation I have built with MFA, you know I never ever talk about the easy, short, or fast results.

That’s because great marketing takes hard work.

Nailing your message, argument, hook and offer....
Understanding your prospect awareness and marketplace sophistication....

Crafting brilliant BIG IDEAS that stand out in any competitive space...

There is nothing easy about any of this stuff is there?

Even more so with everything going on right now too.

That said, in over a decade of running more 6 and 7 figure marketing campaigns than I can remember,
there is something I have found that is an EXCEPTION…
Something we have done and still do, that well, generates pretty dramatic results and it does it extremely quickly (often the same day) and, is well, easy money.

I’m talking about... more leads, more sales, more profits, 
with the barest minimum of work (certainly it doesn’t even compare to the heavy lifting of building your actual campaign as you’ll see…) 

You see, through all the countless online campaigns we have launched and the lot many painstaking trials, we've discovered sometimes the difference between a struggling campaign and a big money maker is just ONE simple "snap"...   
A while back, as we’ve been running campaign after campaign inside of MFA, I began to create an internal file of these rarely shared or talked about techniques we've used to increase sales day in and day out, in any market or niche.

These ConversionSnaps are tiny little hacks proven to:
And they all work pretty much, well instantly.
You’ll see the results typically the same day, sometimes within hours as long as you’re sending a steady flow of clicks.

And almost all ConversionSnaps can produce radical jumps in conversions for you no matter what marketing funnel model you're using... what product or service you're selling... what niche you're in... or what price point you're selling at.

Here is just a sample of some of the ConversionSnaps we are using to create instant lifts in our sales:
I have taken our best, more proven, fasting-acting ConversionSnaps and compiled them into 7 full-color digital books. Each issue containing 3-5 unique sales boosting snaps you can apply to any campaign or promotion for immediate results.

Plus I even created the ConversionSnaps official book with 5 of our very best ConversionSnaps.   

In total, that’s over 43 proven conversion hacks to increase your leads, clicks, conversion and sales. 

To really make the ConversionSnaps digital books complete, I even created the official ConversionSnaps Video Companions.   

In this powerful video companion series I will walk you step-by-step through the strategy of each and every ConversionSnap, when to use it, where to use it, how to use it. And I’ll answer the most common questions you have about popping them into your campaigns, so you can see those boosts super fast. 

So you’re never stuck or overwhelmed putting these powerful hacks to work to boost the leads, sales and profits of ANY of your marketing campaigns! 

And, in just a moment I’ll explain how today you can get the entire ConversionSnaps bundle for fraction of what they're worth...
But first, here’s another glimpse of some of the other unique and incredibly powerful ConversionSnaps you’re getting today:
Skyrocketing your email 
open rates!
Increasing cart completion rate and you can implement in 
under 2 minutes!
Increasing your VSL engagement rates and boosts 
overall conversions!
Increasing your overall sales 
conversion rates!
Increasing your prospects consumption of your main conversion message.
Dramatically increasing 
your webinar 
Consider this.

Think about any campaign or promotion you are running today -- 

How much more could you be making right now by - 

Increasing your average cart value by 30-65%? 

Boosting your optin rates 10-25%? 

Increasing your shopping cart completion rates 15-30%? 

Improving your upsell take rates by 30-40%? 

Increasing your email open rates by up to 40%? 

Boosting your webinar show rates by 18-37%? 

Just one of these ConversionSnaps has the ability to deliver hundreds if not thousands of additional dollars to your current campaigns or promotions, depending on how much traffic you are getting. And possibly do it the very same day you “pop” them into your campaign or funnel. 
The internet marketing space is so filled with hype and misleading promises, I want to be extremely clear about who ConversionSnaps is NOT for. Because the last thing I want to do is be a part of that type of hype.

ConversionSnaps are not for the marketer or entrepreneur who doesn’t have an actual product or service to sell. And they are not for the person who has never generated a single lead, let alone a sale. They are not for the marketers who is getting absolutely zero visitors and no clicks.

So is ConversionSnaps right for YOU?

ConversionSnaps are essentially amplifiers.

They take what you are doing multiply the results.
You’re getting leads on an optin page… ConversionSnaps get you MORE LEADS!

You’re offering an upsell in your offer… ConversionSnaps get you MORE UPSELLS!

You’re getting customers on your order form… ConversionSnaps get you MORE ORDERS!

You’re sending prospects a new email promotion… ConversionSnaps get you MORE CLICKS!

You’re selling any product or services online… ConversionSnaps get you MORE SALES!

You’re prospects are buying your product… ConversionSnaps gets you HIGHER CART VALUE for every transaction! 

ConversionSnaps multiply any and all the results you are getting. But to be very clear, if you are doing nothing, getting zero conversions, ConversionSnaps will not work and they are not for you.
Now, I made ConversionSnaps available to the public only for a short period of time as part of a special subscription membership.

Clients happily paid over $477 for the entire ConversionSnaps bundle. 

And with just one single snap having the power to unlock hundreds or even thousands in new sales instantly, this is an absolute bargain. 

Today you have the unique opportunity to get the entire ConversionSnaps bundle all for just $7...

And, in case you're wondering ...

That's a real world saving of $470.

Why Only $7? What's The Catch?

Well, there is NO CATCH.

There's nothing else you have to buy... no hidden subscription to purchase... and no wacky contest you need to win. 

None of that.

I'm sharing ConversionSnaps with you for only $7 because I want to WOW! you with real value.

And with everything going on right now, it's the perfect time for you to start optimising your campaigns, your funnels and your offers for maximum conversions. 

Finally, my hope is you'll love it and be blown away by the impact on your business. And this will become the start of a long and prosperous business relationship for us. 
Also, for a limited time I am including a personal, private and 1-on-1 funnel optimisation session with one of my two marketing funnel automation strategists.

They'll show you how to hit the ground running, put everything you’ll discover inside ConversionSnaps into action, and make it almost impossible for you to fail.

​Each of our MFA Strategists is hand selected by me and knows the ins and outs of running wildly profitable campaigns using my proprietary E5 Method
They'll help you identify specific spots in your current marketing funnel, where you can make certain tweaks to bump conversions, acquire more customers or generate more sales. 

And in case you're wondering, at the end of your funnel optimisation call, there is no obligation to buy anything.
You'll be getting an extremely valuable funnel optimisation session that will show you one or more points in your current marketing funnel that you can exploit for more conversions, sales and profits, the moment that you get off the call.
Oh, and one more thing, when you take action TODAY I have a very special LIMITED TIME BONUS...
It’s called Conversion Hacking Day! 
I gathered up our best tribe members and then my business partner, Damian Lanfranchi, and myself spent an entire day sharing even more of tiny, proven conversion hacks.

I recorded the entire thing and you’ll get the complete Conversion Hacking Day video as your special bonus today.
This will be nearly DOUBLING the number of ConversionSnaps you’re getting today!

You get the ConversionSnaps digital books, the official ConversionSnaps video companion series, the E5 Funnel Optimisation Session AND the Conversion Hacking Day live video, over 70’ something proven conversion hacks you can pop into any marketing campaign or funnel and see new sales instantly. All for just $7.
Special Limited Timer Offer...
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  • 7 ConversionSnaps Manuals: In total, 43 proven conversion hacks to increase your leads, clicks, conversion and sales... beautifully laid-out for you in seven full-color, digital manuals
  • The ConversionSnaps Companion Video Series which walks you step-by-step through each and every Snap: when to use it, where to use it, and how to use it to bank more moolah. 
  • Access to the PRIVATE Conversion Hacking Day Recordings so you get the same secret conversion tricks Todd only shared behind closed-doors with his clients. 
  • Free E5 Funnel Optimisation Session that will show you one or more points in your current marketing funnel or campaigns that you can exploit for more conversions, sales and profits.
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Let me be frank, for a second...

If you don't consider yourself an action-taker, this isn't for you... 

And I would recommend you pass on the opportunity to sky rocket your funnel conversions with ConversionSnaps.

But, if you are an action-taker... and you want a new way to get improve your funnel, campaigns and offers at every stage... you may find this to be one of the most exciting and profitable investments you ever make.

Todd Brown
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