HISTORIC MEETING! 19 legendary copywriters gathered in a private mansion in Orlando, Florida in October for a once-in-a-lifetime meeting -- The Copy Legends Lock-In.  For 8 hours they swapped and shared...
"The Most Effective Copy Techniques Producing Monster-Money
Marketing Campaigns Today
Attendees include the copywriter who created the VSL... Mark Ford's protégé,... the guy who has the highest earning VSL's in the game right now... Clayton Makepeace's protégé... the top AI copywriting guy... several copywriters who've produced over 100,000 new buyers from their copy... a top copywriter who's work got him on Rachel Ray... a top copywriter who's had long-term controls in the wildly-competitive health space... and so many more.
Hear Everything They Shared With
Your Set Of The Complete, Unedited Recordings Of The Entire Copy Legends Lock-In 
As I'm sure you can imagine, the Copy Legends Lock-In has created quite a buzz amongst marketers and copywriters. 

Over 4,800 people have registered in the past few days alone to get a tiny behind-the-scenes peek of this historic gathering.
I'm sharing this with you right up front because it's important you know now...

There are ONLY 300 sets of the complete, unedited recordings of the Copy Legends Lock-In available.

This means, the majority of people who don't act quickly today to claim a set are almost certainly going to miss-out.

Look: I decided to only share these recordings with 300 people because I don't want to saturate the market with all the copy techniques shared throughout the hours of the Copy Legends Lock-In.

I want all these new copy insights and techniques to be (and remain) a steep competitive advantage for those awarded one of the 300 copies.

So that's it... ONLY 300 copies total. 

And they're being awarded today on a first-come, first-serve basis.

As soon as all 300 copies are claimed, that's all she wrote...

Then this page will immediately redirect to a "SOLD OUT" page. 
What this means is you need to act fast if you want to be sure you get one of the 300 copies... and get the chance to hear everything the copy legends shared throughout the all-day Lock-In. 

While I don't think the 300 copies will sell-out in the first hour or anything... I do believe with all the buzz and interest this will sell-out fast.

And it would be a shame if you never get the chance to hear all the new, breakthrough copy techniques and insights these 19 copy legends shared with each other just a few weeks ago. 
Wednesday, 12:00 PM
From: Todd Brown
West Palm Beach, Florida
Dear Fellow Marketer, Copywriter, or Entrepreneur,

Picture it...

...19 of the highest earning copywriters on the planet today sitting around a table for 8 hours sharing their newest and best secrets for producing monster marketing campaigns.

Not holding back. Not leaving anything out.

But, openly, generously, and fully revealing the exact copy techniques they're using today to consistently produce 8-figure marketing campaigns.
  • ​How they do their competitive analysis and prospect research today...
  • ​How they develop their Big Marketing Ideas and hooks today...
  • ​How they craft their headlines and campaign openers today...
  • ​How they create captivating pattern interrupts to seize maximum attention today...
  • ​How they pick and position their Unique Mechanisms for maximum differentiation today...
  • ​How they "diagnose" and frame the market's problem for their exact solution today...
  • ​How they design their VSLs and long-form sales letter pages for maximum conversions today...
  • ​How they craft their offers and offer presentation today...
  • ​How they craft their ad copy for maximum clicks and engagement today...
  • ​...and so much more!
These Copy Secrets Were Never Intended
To Be Shared With The Public 
This was a closed-door, private meeting by invitation only.

So only the best, most accomplished, highest-earning copywriters were seated at the table. 

Copy legends like...
  • ​Jon Benson
  • ​Peter Kell
  • ​Justin Goff
  • ​Chris Haddad
  • ​David Deutsch
  • ​Kim Schwalm
  • ​Dan Ferrari
  • ​Donnie French
  • ​Kyle Milligan
  • ​Tony Floress
  • ​Pauline Longdon
  • ​Perry Marshall
  • ​...and many more!
And they weren't there to create some standard publicly available course or training or digital product. 

No. They were there to openly share and swap with each other -- their peers -- their newest and most potent copy weapons working today. 

And that's exactly what they did. 

Fact is: All of these copy legends have an amazing mindset of abundance. That's why they were all willing and ready to share their best-kept copy secrets with each other...

Because they knew they'd be getting the best-kept copy secrets from the others in exchange.

And, again, that's exactly what happened...
The Hot, Fresh Copy Methods
Working RIGHT NOW!
I moderated the entire Lock-In.

I sat the copy legends down at the table at 9AM, and with the exception of lunch and a couple of bathroom breaks didn't let them up until about 5:30PM. 

I moved them from copy topic to copic, covering...
And all the copy legends had this list in advance. And were told to get prepared to share their best strategies and tactics working today for each.

So they were all ready to go as we covered copy topic after copic topic after copic topic.

And look...

This historic gathering took place only just a few weeks ago on October 17th...

So everything shared and revealed is fresh, working right now.

You won't hear any dated tactics or old-school techniques no longer working. 

 And you certainly won't hear any theory or conjecture or speculation about "possible winning copy techniques".


Everything shared by these 19 copy legends is proven... with testing data to back it up... to be big-money copy techniques, tactics, and moves working RIGHT NOW. TODAY.

And please recognize...

These copy legends are, obviously, the friggin' real-deal. Their copy has and continues to bring-in multiple millions of dollars in sales.

These aren't average copywriters. And they're certainly not folks who've read a few books on copywriting and are now spewing nonsense about how to write breakthrough copy. (Why the heck anyone would want to take advice or learn from those types of people is beyond me.)

Heck no! These are copy legends, the highest earning copywriters in the game today. The best of the best. 

Look: There's a reason these 19 copy legends are all top dogs at the tippy-top of the leaderboard in their respective markets. 

And that's why many of these copy legends are rich beyond the average person's wildest dreams. 

All, thanks to their copy...

All, thanks to the techniues they use to produce some of the highest-earning campaigns on the internet today.

And today you have the chance to learn from them... to hear exactly what they do with their copy... to... 
know exactly how the best copywriters in the world are consistently producing
8-figure marketing campaigns Today!
Now let me be real for a second...

What it took to make this historic gathering a reality was no easy feat.

It took months of planning and a hefty financial investment. 

There was the beautiful direct mail invite package we had to design and have FedEx'd to every copy legend...
There was the perfect mansion we had to find and pay for. And since they would only allow us to secure it for a week, not just one day, we had to fork over almost $20,000 just for the place to host the Lock-In...
There was the cocktail party and catered Mediterranean lunch we had to plan for...
And, of course, to record and document the whole Lock-In, we had to hire a photographer and a full AV crew.

Now, here's the thing I really want you to understand...

Knowing what I know today about what was shared throughout all the hours of the Copy Legends Lock-In...



Because there's nothing... and I mean nothing... more valuable than knowing exacrtly what copy techniques are working best TODAY to move people in all markets to buy. 

Think about it...

Everything we do in our businesses is based on copy, saying something to prospects in an attempt to move them to take action.

What could be more valuable than you knowing exactly what you need to say to prospects to move them to buy from you?

Yeah... nothing. 

Fact is: Arming yourself with the most effective copy techniques today... right from the highest-earning copywriters on the planet... is the single most valuable investment you can make for yourself. 

And that's exactly what you're getting with your set of...
The Copy Legends Lock-In
Recordings Bundle
You'll hear EVERYTHING these 19 copy legends shared with each other over the entire Copy Legends Lock-In day. 

>> Every technique shared for producing Big Marketing Ideas and captivating hooks...

>> Every technique shared for crafting wildly compelling headlines and campaign openers...

>> Every technique shared for making your product and offer stand-out as unique and superior...

>> Every technique shared for engineering home-run offers and upsells...

>> Every technique shared for having high-click-thru ads...

>> Every technique shared for optimizing your campaigns to make them grand-slam winners...

>> And every technique shared for rigging the game so you almost always have a high-conversion, high-profit campaign.

Because with your copy of the Copy Legends Lock-In Recordings Bundle, you get:
  • Complete HD video recordings of the ALL-DAY Copy Legends Lock-In Experience

    You'll see and hear everything copy trick, tactic, and technique shared over the entire 8-hour day.

    Nothing is edited-out. Nothing is missing.

    This is the equivalent of you being in the room, listening in intently, on the entire experience. Only, without you having to shell-out any money to fly to Orlando and stay in a hotel.

    Fact is: If this is was the only thing included with the Copy Legends Lock-In Recordings Bundle it would be worth a small fortnue. 

    I believe the one conversation about Unique Mechanisms and "diagnosing" the root cause problem of your prospects is worth more than the entire investment I made in hosting this historic gathering.

    These recordings will be a complete game-changer for you, your copy, your business, and your profits. No joke.
  • Complete transcript of the entire Copy Legends Lock-In Experience

    This is a resource you'll want to refer back to again and again.

    You can highlight tactics, techniques, and strategies shared. You can take notes.

    So it will be brain-dead simple for you to quickly find the most valuable gems anytime you sit down to craft copy or engineer a new campaign.
  •  Complete audio recording of the entire Copy Legends Lock-In Experience

    There's so much copy gold shared throughout the Copy Legends Lock-In, you'll no doubt want to go thru this material many times.

    With the full audio recording, this makes it super-simple and easy for you to do that. 
And all of that is just for starters...

Because in addition to the video recordings, unedited transcript, and complete audio recording...
When You Grab Your Set Of The
Copy Legends Lock-In Recordings Bundle, 
You Also Get:
When You Grab Your Set
Of The Copy Legends Lock-In Recordings Bundle, 
You Also Get:
"Todd Brown's Internal Team Training -- My Most Valuable
Copy Legends Lock-In Takeaways"
"Todd Brown's Internal Team Training -- My Most Valuable Copy Legends Lock-In Takeaways"
You get the private training I did for my own marketing team just this week. 

I covered, in-depth, the 18 major insights and copy strategies I took away from the Copy Legends Lock-In. 

You'll hear my explain them to my team, including the nuances of the ideas, and their application to the marketing campaigns we're creating today. 
"Complete Notes Of The Copy Legends Lock-In (from Todd's Personal Vault)"
I'm a deep note taker...

So after the Copy Legends Lock-In I went thru the recordings three times to take my personal  notes. These are extensive.

You'll not see the copy techniques and strategies I noted, you'll also the comments and insights I gained from from each. 

This will be a tremendous reference tool for you when it comes to sit down and apply these copy strategies to your own campaigns.
Fact is...

This bundle could sell for 10K and there would be savvy marketers and copywriters lined up to eagerly pay it.

Because you're getting access to the best copy techniques working today from 19 of the highest-earning copywriters on the planet.

So, for the ambitious marketer and copywriter and entrepreneur... this will produce an ROI multiples of that.

You Don't Have To Invest $10,000!
You don't even half to invest half that.

Instead, you get everything for only $499 today. Then five monthly installments of $499.

At that investment... and what this will do for your copy and your sales... this should be a no-brainer.

Why did I chose such a low price for something so extraordinarily valuable, you may be wondering?

Because...fact is...  I can. And because it's fun for me to offer amazing value on things like this at a price-point I know will give you an incredible return on your investment.

This means...

Investing just $499 today, you can go thru the entire Copy Legends Lock-In, implement even just a few of the techniques you'll hear, and start seeing more sales and more profits within the next 30 days. 

In other words, you can let the Copy Legends Lock-In Recordings Bundle make you more money before your next installment is even close.

And, look, if you want to save an additional $500 today, you can choose the full pay option today as well. 

In fact...
If you're one of the first 50 people to save $500 today with the full-pay option, 
you also get...
"The Unpublished, Never-Seen-Before Decade-Plus Swipe File Volumes"
You get three physical binders mailed to you... 

800 pages each binder -- over 2400 pages of direct mail swipe material from the top direct response mailers on the planet.

You'll have winning campaigns to model which average marketers and copywriters will never see. 

You'll see Big Marketing Ideas, hooks, leads, marketing arguments, offers, closes, and more from the best marketers on the planet. 

Stuff the best marketers on the planet paid big money to send via direct mail. 

These three binders have never been published or shared before anywhere. 

And it took me years to collect these. 

With this set you'll have access to copy you can model that will give you an extraordinary competitive advantage against average marketers stuck modeling the typical online campaigns they see. 

But not you.
*You must be one of the first 50 people to grab the full-pay option for the Copy Legends Lock-In Recordings Bundle today.
So there you go...

Right now is your limited opportunity to be one of only 300 people to hear the best copy techniques working today shared just a few weeks ago by the highest-earning copywriters on the planet. 

What could be possibly be more valuable for you than this?

We're talking about a chance for you to finally be armed with the same copy methods and techniques being used right now to produce 8-figure marketing campaigns.

This is your chance to skip all the courses... all the books... all the videos... and all the speculative copy methods being spewed by wanna-be copywriters. 

And, instead, just leap to the front of the line by modeling the exact copy techniques being used to produce monster campaign winners.

Why not hear exactly what's working... what's producing mega-campaigns... right from the horses mouth? Right from the best copy writers on the planet?

If you see this as the smartest move you can make for yourself, I encourage you to jump on this right now.

Remember, there are only 300 copies of the Copy Legends Lock-In Recordings Bundle available.

As soon as they're all claimed, that's it... 

Your chance will be gone. And you will no longer be able to hear everything these 19 copy legends shared with each other. 

And that would be shame, don't you think?

Don't miss-out on this rare opportunity...
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P.S. This is your chance to stop envying the "other" marketers and copywriters making the big money... and finally become one of them.

It's your moment to be the marketer or copywriter or entrepreneur others aspire to be like... the one that has the "golden touch".

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