Want to Consistently and Predictably Acquire New Clients, Customers & Profits in Your Business?

...This unusual method is helping entrepreneurs in over 45+ countries & 65+ niches easily turn free and paid traffic into new clients, customers and sales day in, day out...

In fact, formerly frustrated Edward T. recently generated  $2,161,894.00 in a month with the help of this new and unique method your marketing may likely have been missing!

(Obviously we're not promising you'll achieve these exact same results)

Claim Your FREE E5 Book + Bonus Bundle Worth $620

We'll ship you a physical copy of the E5 Method and you'll get instant access to our digital client acquisition kit bonus bundle worth over $620+...

Claim Your FREE E5 Book + Bonus Bundle Worth $620

We'll ship you a physical copy of the E5 Method and you'll get instant access to our digital client acquisition kit bonus bundle worth over $620+...

"Before the E5 method our average month was around $20k, as of last month we did a little over a million a month" - Edward Tang

In fact, formerly frustrated Edward T recently generated  $2,161,894.00 in a month with the help of this new and unique method your marketing may likely have been missing!

(Obviously we're not promising you'll achieve these exact same results)

"It's simple marketing, it's effective marketing. It's basic marketing. It's the E5 Method" - Carl Trent

"I had the highest conversion rate I've ever had an offer" - Jason O'Neill

"It was the easiest launch I ever did. Ever, ever ever, using the E5 Method" - Sharon Desjarlais

"After E5 I hit milestone after milestone, five figure month, six-figure month and now seven-figure year" - Chang Oh

This Is Just A Tiny Sample Of The People Around The World The E5 Method Is Helping...

The Question Is, Are You Next?

Claim Your FREE E5 Book + Bonus Bundle Worth $620

We'll ship you a physical copy of the E5 Method and you'll get instant access to our digital client acquisition kit bonus bundle worth over $620+...

Claim Your FREE E5 Book + Bonus Bundle Worth $620

We'll ship you a physical copy of the E5 Method and you'll get instant access to our digital client acquisition kit bonus bundle worth over $620+...

What Is It About This Unique Marketing Method That Enables Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Professional Service Providers and Marketers To Produce More...

Six And Seven Figure Marketing Campaigns...

Faster Than Anything They've Previously Tried?

From: Todd Brown
West Palm Beach, Florida

Today, I'm going to share with you how this "missing piece" to your marketing can bring you more new customers, clients and profits in the next 60 days than most entrepreneurs see in an entire year.

What you’re about to discover is a new and very different marketing method that generates steady and predictable sales for you from new customers and clients...

Regardless of your product...

Regardless of your price... 

And regardless of your marketplace.

A Bold statement, I know.

This "missing piece" of your marketing puzzle, turns your prospects desire for a result… into an intense buying demand for your specific product or service… without any selling.

In fact, as you’ll see, it works without you ever even talking about your product or service.

What I'm about to share with you is NOT theory.

It’s the same marketing method taught to thousands of entrepreneurs that’s generating daily sales for hundreds of different types of products and services for marketers today in 45 different countries around the globe… 

...who are launching and growing exciting businesses in over 65 different markets and niches online.

Many of their stories on this page for you to watch and enjoy.
By the way...

This has nothing to do with any new, whiz-bang marketing software or tactic. 

It has nothing to do with any kind of newfangled sales funnel model or setup. 

And it has nothing to do with the latest marketing trend or fad.

What I’m going to share with you is unlike any of the common online marketing and selling methods you may of heard or been taught.

No sleazy, scammy, high-pressure tactics. 

No cheesy lead magnets or free bribes. 

And no hyped-up, exaggerated claims or obnoxious sales pitches. 

None of that. 

Instead, the method you’re about to discover...

Creates a high volume of daily sales for you from brand new clients and customers...

...and does it while educating prospects and delivering value

Building you a solid marketplace reputation, and...

Growing you a large tribe of customers and clients that adore you and buy from you again and again...

If you’re willing, this has the power to:

Give You Complete Control Over the Future Of Your Business and Income

  • I’m talking about a marketing method that ensures you experience the excitement of having a predictable and growing income from your online business.
  • ​I’m talking about having the pride of knowing you’re a real entrepreneur with a flourishing venture.
  • ​And I’m talking about you having the peace of mind and confidence in knowing your business and income are only going to continue to grow and grow.

Inside this FREE book, you’ll see how the E5 Method does all of this for you… 

and how it can bring you more new customers, more consistently than anything you may have tried or learned in the past.

And I’ll show you exactly how and why it’s working so well for hundreds of marketers around the globe.

"We implemented the E5 Method and did $500K in one year then a million the next year" - Nacho Munez

"I was brand new...we made $1,000 in 1 day. I literally never thought that was possible." - Jared Messer

"E5 is a systematic approach. Do this, then this, then this. We built a list of 300K in 2 weeks." - Jeff Kimes

"I'm now helping a lot of people. This decision made a big difference in my life." - Magdalena Pawlowska

Claim Your FREE E5 Book + Bonus Bundle Worth $620

We'll ship you a physical copy of the E5 Method and you'll get instant access to our digital client acquisition kit bonus bundle worth over $620+...

Here's Just A few Of The Client and Customer Attraction Nuggets You'll Discover For Free...

Inside Of This New and Different Book...

Inside the E5 Method I will be sharing with you, the unique marketing method and framework I've discovered, honed and mastered over two decades in the world of direct response marketing.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside of your free copy of this new book.

(There's FIVE sections in total but here's a preview of just THREE of them)

Section #1:

  • TRUTH: The secret truth about sales funnels and why yours may not be converting as well as you hope. (Page 22) 
  • MISSING: The one thing most average marketers are missing that pretty much generates sale for you on demand (page 24) 
  • NO MORE: What you should be using instead of hype, screaming louder promises, exaggerated claims, sales pitches and instead of leaving your prospects feeling icky (page 25). 
  • CATALYST: How this huge, heart wrenching catalyst inspired me to start my own business and kept me going when the sh*t hit fan in a way I never expected (page 28) 
  • ASK THESE QUESTIONS: The three questions I asked myself after I made a whopping 7 sales in the first year of my online business (Page 29) 
  • LESSON: How this key lesson from a chance encounter with a serial entrepreneur years ago helped me go from 7 sales a year to regular 5 and 6 thousand-dollar days. (page 31)
  • ON DEMAND: The one campaign you need for unlocking the secret to you generating new customers, clients and sales almost on near autopilot (page 33).
  • Checkmate: The 5 overarching advantages to the E5 method and why it’s superior to every other type of marketing campaign available to you today (Page 34).
  • Confused: How being confused about these two activities is costing you time, money and growth. (Page 37) 
  • BUYING DEMAND: The secret to turning your prospects desire for a result into an intense buying demand for your product or service (Page 38).
  • BANKABLE: How to ensure you generate a specific and measurable response from your marketing and advertising efforts every time (Page 39)
  • EASY: The two easiest type of campaigns you can set up to drive sales for your product / service. (page 47)
  • SIMPLIFY: A breakdown of some of the common but sometimes confusing language used in marketing your products and services online. (Page 50)
  • GOVERN: 3 overarching principles of direct response marketing that govern the success or failure of your campaigns. (page 63)
  • NOISE: The two categories of marketing activities you should be focusing on, their differing objectives and why everything else is just noise. (Page 66)
  • FIRST, SECOND, THIRD: The order of priority with every marketing campaign and how mixing these up is likely part of the reason you can’t scale your funnels or offers. (Page 69)
  • RIVER: If you can channel this “river” in your marketing (the right way) everything else will fall into place (page 73) 
  • PIECES: Detailed overview of the most common customer acquisition marketing campaign pieces. (page 75)
  • ARTICULATE: The difference between these two fundamental components of a marketing campaign, how to articulate them correctly and what really drives people to invest money with you. (Page 79)
  • USE THESE: The six words you can add to any sales message to dramatically increase your conversion rates (Page 86)
  • PROFITABLE: The 13 chunks to the most complete and profitable marketing message you’ll ever create (Page 87)
  • PLAY BY PLAY: A step by step breakdown of these 13 chunks in action so you can see them working live (Page 94)

Section #2:

  • COMMUNICATE: • How to quickly and easily determine what kind of message we will communicate with prospects, what kind of phrasing to use and what kind of words they will respond to (Page 103)
  • FUNNEL LENGTH: How to determine how long your funnel needs to be in order to convert the most prospects possible. (page 107)
  • DIFFERENT: Examples of different message types and why they work well for some people and not for others (Page 109)
  • DIRECT: When you should and when you absolutely shouldn’t be direct in your marketing messaging. (Page 110) 
  • BEFORE: Nine questions to ask yourself before you create your marketing campaign (page 114) 
  • DEEPER UNDERSTANDING: What the P.E.S. tool is and how it helps you gain a deeper understanding into your market (allowing you to present them with something they want) (Page 116)
  • EVOLVE OR PERISH: How to make sure your marketing evolves with your prospect’s so you never see a dip in conversions (Page 118) 
  • AVOID: How to avoid using or saying things in your marketing that your market has either heard before or have zero interest in (Page 123) 
  • MASSIVE DISCONNECT?: The 75 / 25 “maximum profits” campaign split almost everyone does backwards costing them countless lost sales and creates a massive disconnect with prospects (Page 126)
  • CRITICAL: The five critical components to the perfect marketing campaign and why sadly 95% of your campaigns likely only have one or two of them (page 128)
  • GOLDEN: The golden piece of advice, the late, legendary copywriter Clayton Makepiece gave me when it comes to presenting my offer (page 133) 
  • WHY ATTENTION IS NOT ENOUGH: The one thing you need that stops your prospects in their tracks in today busy world (and no it’s not attention) (Page 136)
  • BORING?: How Tim Ferris sold over 1.5 million books about something seemingly ‘boring’… (Page 139)
  • HOPE: How using a “unique mechanism” delivers hope to your prospects that you’ve got a different way for them to achieve the results they want. (Page 140)
  • DEVELOP: Three different ways to develop a unique mechanism (Page 141)
  • EXAMPLES: Nine unique mechanism examples you can use as inspiration with a breakdown of what made them so powerful. (Page 144)
  • BEGINNING: The one hook you absolutely need to set in your prospects at the beginning of your marketing message. Whether you are using a webinar model, a long-form sales letter, a video sales letter, a multi-part video sequence, it does not matter. (page 147)
  • UNDER UTILIZING: The one area of your marketing message your likely neglecting or under utilizing that’s actually one of the most important (Page 149)
  • C.P.B: How using “C.P.B. Chunks” increase your prospects believability in your product or service and increases the likelihood they will buy from you. (Page 151)
  • WEAK: How to spot if what you’re promising your prospects is weak, vague and un-interesting (to them) (page 158)
  • MULTI-MILLION: A unique attention grabbing, repeatable formula I discovered after dissecting 92 different multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns. (page 153)
  • TRIGGER: What to do to prevent your product or service as being viewed as a commodity and eliminate the risk of the “Google Slap Trigger” (Page 161)
  • THE RIGHT WAY: 20 winning examples and break downs of standing out, get attention (the right away) and getting your prospects excited emotionally and intellectually (Pages 163 – 199)
  • PRIMARY: The eight primary lead types when to use each and when not to. Most only ever use the first lead type and they use it incorrectly more often than not. (Page 203) 
  • EXAMPLES: Winning examples of each lead type with a breakdown of why it worked so well (Pages 207 – 215)
  • NO MORE WASTED SPEND: How to ensure you don’t operate in the dark or make assumptions about your marketing and no longer waste money (Page 217).
  • THIS IS LIKELY COSTING YOU A FORTUNE: A huge costly mistake you’re likely making when launching your campaign that’s costing you time, effort and money (page 221)
  • BRAND NEW: The only THREE areas you test when launching a brand-new campaign. (Page 222)
  • WINNING: Baseline metrics and KPI’s you need to hit to know you have a winning marketing campaign (Page 226)

Section #3:

  • MAKE IT SING: How to use the three types of F.D.E. benefits to make your marketing copy sing… (Page 228)
  • COPY BLOAT?: How to remove bloat from your copy, infuse it with punch and eliminate hyperbolic, hype filled copy from all of your marketing messages and funnels once and for all (page 233)
  • REPLACEMENT: The ‘copy replacement strategy’ that strokes and massages your prospects interest and sucks them into your marketing message (Page 234)
  • USE THESE: Exacts words and phrases you should be using in your marketing messages (and the ones you should avoid at all costs) (Page 239)
  • INJECT: A simple test you can use to clean up your marketing message and inject more punch (page 243)
  • FOLLOW-UP: The six core follow-up sequences your marketing needs (most only use two possibly three) Page 244)
  • STIMULATE: How to stimulate unconverted prospects and make them buy (Page 245)
  • EFFORTLESS: A great way to increase sales by anywhere from 10, 12 or even 15% with very little effort (Page 251)
  • LEVEL UP: The three levels of A.A. and why I wish I knew about these sooner (Page 253)
  • SHIFT TO THIS: The counter intuitive way you ought to be thinking about clicks, optins, sales and ROI (Page 255)
  • PROFITABLY: How the biggest direct response marketing companies can afford to spend so much so profitably on advertising and marketing (Page 257)
  • NAIL THIS: The one thing you need to understand to get better results from your marketing and be able to scale consistently (page 260)
  • BOTTLENECKS?: How to fix the bottlenecks (the visible and invisible ones) in your marketing funnels (Page 263)
  • GOLDEN: How to use the ‘golden ratio’ to make marketing decisions and scale safely and profitably (Page 269)
  • EASY: Five easy ways to increase average order value (Page 271)
  • FREE: The one thing you should test immediately if you can’t acquire customers for free with paid traffic… (Page 272)
  • HIDDEN VIP: How to use the “Hidden VIP Offer” to jack up your average order value and increase consumption of your products and courses (Page 277)
  • SECOND NATURE DAMAGE: The three ‘second nature’ elements to your marketing you should remove immediately (they are costing you a small fortune) (Page 279)
  • SHHHH!: The whisper versus scream method of optimization that jacks up conversion rates (Page 283)
  • OPD (OTHER PEOPLES DATA): When you should and most certainly shouldn’t use other people’s testing data (page 287)
  • IMPACT: How to have a bigger impact on the world, get back time and make more money (Page 291)
  • QUOTE: A quote you should remember after you read this epic book (Page 293)
  • NO MORE: How to alleviate the struggle of every day entrepreneurial life (Page 297)
  • FLOURISH: How sowing this seed can help your business flourish regardless of what’s happening in the economy (Page 299)

You're right... that is a LOT of proven, real world strategies to cram into one book.

In fact, that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot more inside too...

...Much more in fact, that I don’t have the space to explain it all here.

The time to take action is now...

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We'll ship you a physical copy of the E5 Method and you'll get instant access to our digital client acquisition kit bonus bundle worth over $620+...

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  • Webinar Visitor Calculator: Use this calculator to determine how many visitors you need to earn a specific amount of revenue from a webinar.
  • Backend Net Profit Calculator: Use this calculator to determine how much cash you need to invest in a campaign and how much net profit you can generate at the end.

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Like I mentioned before, this book is free. All I ask is that you help me cover the printing and postage costs of $9.95 US or $19.95 International, anywhere in the world!

Now I know what you're probably thinking.

"I've Tried 'X Amount Of Methods In The Past,

How Do I Know That This Time Will be Different?"

Well, for starters, the E5 Method is a multi-stage repeatable process broken down into the steps.

These steps all which lead to the launch of a unique customer and client-generating campaign.

Unique, because, it’s not the typical sales message. 

Instead, it introduces a new idea to your marketplace...

It presents what prospects see as a new way to get results, educates prospects on how and why this new way works, and then presents them with the opportunity to get that way with your product — the only place it can be found.
And, in case you’re wondering… yes, no matter what you offer, at what price point you sell and no matter if you're new with no list or no following or already established we’ll show you how to leverage the E5 Method for maximum results.

Unlike the typical sales funnel, with the E5 Method, you’re communicating with prospects as an educator… an advisor. 

And because you're not talking about a product, but instead educating on a new mechanism for getting results, a number of fantastic things happen:

  • Prospects are open and receptive to your message... and aren't guarded the way they are with a traditional sales message. Because you're NOT selling. You're educating.
  • Prospects begin to recognize you as an authority... and view you as a trusted advisor. Not some slick salesperson just trying to peddle your product.
  • You deliver value to prospects through your marketing message... tapping into the law of reciprocity. So you build goodwill and trust.
  • ​ You give prospects hope they can finally experience the results they want. Because you're sharing with them a something new. Something they haven't been offered before. Something they see as the answer to why results have alluded them.
  • You create a deep buying desire within prospects... that can only be fulfilled by your product or service and no others. 

So, through your marketing you eliminate all other options. 

And you eliminate the need for prospects to "shop around". 
You see how powerful that could be for your business, right?

I know you might have some doubts still so here's...

My 'Love It Or Keep It' Guarantee

One more thing, I want to talk to the online entrepreneurs out there who've tried everything and are still feeling stuck. The ones who have spent years investing in themselves. 

The online business owners who've bought other books, courses and programs, gone to seminars and bought everything under the sun... but still aren't where they want to be.

I know how you feel. I did all that stuff too. Heck in my first year online, all of those years ago I made a whooping, demoralising seven sales.

I want you to know I've got your back.

You'll know if this is for you or not within the first couple of pages. For most people, it "clicks" for them almost right away.

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Just Cover Shipping & Handling For The Book

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the book!

Todd Brown

P.S. REMEMBER: These special copies of the E5 Method are NOT available on Amazon.com or at any other bookstore. You can only get them right here.

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We'll ship you a physical copy of the E5 Method and you'll get instant access to our digital client acquisition kit bonus bundle worth over $620+...