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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if for any reason I don't like the E5 Method book?
Call us or email us and say this. "I don't like it." You'll instantly be refunded no questions asked, and KEEP IT ALL. To qualify for the triple your money back guarantee all you have to do is read the book, take notes in a Google doc and go through all of the bonuses. If after that you're not happy, let us know and you'll get triple your shipping cost back. No questions asked.
Can I resell the book?
Listen, when you read this book you won't want to give it away but I can not stop you. Giving some away to help those you love get potentially life changing results in their business is something I would love to see. It's the reason I built the company, to help others achieve their time, financial and personal goals through effective marketing and the E5 Method.
What is the E5 Method anyway?
Well, for starters, the E5 Method is a unique step by step system for acquiring customers and clients online every single day. Unique, because, it’s not the typical sales message. Instead, it enables you to position and present your message, your offer and uniqueness in a way that has your most ideal prospects salivating to do business with you. And, in case you’re wondering… yes, no matter what you offer, at what price point you sell and no matter if you're new with no list or no following or already established, you can leverage the E5 Method for maximum results. Just like my private clients do. In 2020 alone, my private clients who pay over $35k to be a part of an elite group of marketers generated over $500m in total sales with the help of the E5 Method.
I've already tried a bunch of stuff - how is the E5 Method different?
Yeah, I  get it. Unlike the typical sales funnel, with the E5 Method, you’re communicating with prospects as an educator… an advisor. And because you're not talking about a product, but instead educating on a new mechanism for getting results, a number of fantastic things happen:

1. Prospects are open and receptive to your message... and aren't guarded the way they are with a traditional sales message. Because you're NOT selling. You're educating.

2. Prospects begin to recognize you as an authority... and view you as a trusted advisor. Not some slick salesperson just trying to peddle your product.

3. You deliver value to prospects through your marketing message... tapping into the law of reciprocity. So you build goodwill and trust.
4. You give prospects hope they can finally experience the results they want. Because you're sharing with them something new. Something they haven't been offered before. Something they see as the answer to why results have alluded them.

​5. You create a deep buying desire within prospects... that can only be fulfilled by your product or service and no others.
Yeah but, what if it doesn't work for me?
Listen, if you're an online entrepreneur whose tried everything and is still feeling stuck. Or who has spent years investing in themselves. Whose bought other books, courses and programs, gone to seminars and bought everything under the sun... but still aren't where you want to be. I know how you feel. I did all that stuff too. Heck in my first year online, nearly two decades ago, I made a whooping, demoralising seven sales.

I want you to know I've got your back. You'll know if this is for you or not within the first couple of pages. For most people, it "clicks" for them almost right away.

But I don't want you to feel rushed. Read it, take notes, go through the bonuses and if it doesn't help you or your business, let me know and I'll happily give you 3X your shipping costs. And you can keep the book and the bonuses. Ask yourself, would I really do that if I wasn't super confident this will go down as one of the best investments you ever make?
Isn't this just one of those free+shipping funnels?
Yes it is. You get the book (and the $620 in free bonuses) for free, you just cover shipping for the book. There are a couple of upgrades that will make implementing and getting results much easier and faster but whether or not you decide to take them is completely up to you. 
Why would you give away something responsible for over $500m+ in combined sales for free?
Simple. Two reasons. One I know this has the potential to help you get better results, make more money and get more freedom from your business. Two, I also know that a certain percentage of people will be interested in getting our personal help in getting you those results. So it's a win win.
Really, how good is this book and the E5 Method?
I'm biased but it's by far, hands down the best marketing strategy you can use to generate consistent, predictable results in your marketing. Unbiased, real feedback from entrepreneurs just like you is a little further down this page.

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