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A Startling Confession...
Dear Coach, Consultant, Expert or Marketer,

I was recently asked ONE tricky question…

"Todd, if you had to start over from scratch...
… if 16 years of the wealth, impact, and respect you created suddenly DISAPPEARED...
… what’s the #1 thing you’d do differently to get it back in HALF the time?”
Sadly today, with everything going on in the economy, many people are going to find themselves in this very situation.

Or already are in this position.

Without a plan to get out of it.

When I was asked that question, without even thinking, I already knew my answer.

The truth is... it’s not the first time I’ve thought about this...

In fact, I wasn’t sure if I was going to publicly admit this, but my single biggest regret is not doing this sooner...

Because if you’re willing to do this ONE certain thing… something most entrepreneurs are terrified to do… then you will rise up the ranks in your industry faster than you could ever imagine.

I wish somebody showed me this 16 years ago. Because if they did, I would have:
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Today, this one "strategy" is considered the insider-secret to rapidly growing any business no matter what industry you’re in. 

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The Hyper Growth Method
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  • The most IMPORTANT number you need to know inside your business (it’s shocking how many entrepreneurs have zero clue about this number… do you?)
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  • Why you DON’T need to analyze every little detail of your marketing or business... (instead, just look at this ONE number and it will tell you everything instantly).
  • ​How MUCH money can you spend while still being profitable? Your M.A.A.C. will tell you exactly that. 
  • Why spending LESS money is a loser’s game… and why the biggest names in marketing always compete to spend more.
  • ​Follow this ONE rule – and do it better than your competitors – and you’ll instantly set yourself on the path to becoming #1 in your industry (in sales, new customers, and record-breaking income months).
  • ​How to think like an “Entrepreneurial Investor” if you want to quickly create time and financial freedom in your business.
  • ​The singular fastest path to growing your income, customer-base, and lifestyle… by making one simple decision most aren’t willing to make.
  • How to boil down your business into ONE continuous action... that if made over and over... would give you the biggest revenues, highest profits, and greatest return on your investment.
  • And much, much more!
The Exact Strategy Used By The Biggest A-Players In Internet Marketing Is Now Yours For One Small Investment
My clients working at Agora Inc. built their company to over ONE BILLION dollars by doing this strategy every single day…

My buddy Brian Kurtz built Boardroom Inc. into a $100 million company leveraging this exact method (before the internet even existed!)...

And it’s the ONE thing that – if I could go back in time and do differently – would’ve built my company much bigger and much faster

By following the steps laid out for you in this Masterclass, I guarantee you’ll set yourself on the right path to aggressively growing your business at any speed you choose.

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This works no matter what product you sell, which industry you’re in, or how big (or small) your business currently is right now.

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BONUS #1 ($99 Value)
A Complete Debrief Of The Entire 7-Figure E5 CAMP Masterclass Launch
This is a complete analysis and breakdown of everything I did to create and launch my E5 Camp Masterclass, which generated over 7 figures in revenue.

Inside, I dive deep into the high-level strategy that turned this launch into a million-dollar grand slam. 

I will walk you through every step of this campaign and reveal the subtle tactics that turned this into a massive success (tactics invisible to the marketer’s eye if you’re on the outside).

You’re going to see:
  • The #1 reason potential customers IGNORE your marketing - and how to avoid getting “passed up” for a competitor ever again.
  • Hate selling? Then try this NEW style of marketing that jacks up your sales conversion rates and turns people into dedicated fans.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how I generated $100,000 in just 60 seconds and over half-a-million in a few hours with my famous Agora Copy School promotion (and the strategy that can allow you to do the same).
  • ​How to masterfully execute The Law Of Reciprocity to influence the biggest names in your industry to flood your brand-new product with with a cascade of free, hyper-targeted traffic.
  • ​The secret to how I got other big-name internet marketing gurus to willingly promote my new product (ignore this, and there’s a 100% chance you’ll be ignored too).
  • One stealth tactic for gaining bulletproof credibility with your new product… before you ever launch it (if you’re NOT doing this, you’re missing out on thousands of dollars in revenue).
  • The single most scalable tactic to scale ANY business - no matter what industry you’re in or what product you’re selling.
  • The THREE questions you must ask yourself if you want EXTRAORDINARY sales results from every single product you create.
  • ​And TONS more...
I’ve never sold this publicly before, and I’m not going to sell this as a one-off product in the future...

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BONUS #2 ($99 Value)
The Forbidden Swipe Files
11 Of The Best, Hard-Hitting Sales Pages Revealing The “Hyper Growth” Copywriting Pattern
Now, I almost didn’t include this… because it’s for advanced-eyes only.

But if you’ve ever wondered what separates average marketers who can’t crack the 5-figure per month mark… from the famous gurus who have 7- and 8-figure empires…

Then this bonus will definitely point you in the right direction.

The Hyper Growth Method works for any business, in any industry, and with any product. However, there’s a certain style of writing copy that will AMPLIFY your results with this method…

My good friend Joe Schriefer, the head Copy Chief at Agora Financial, hand-picked these 11 long-form sales pages and said...
"If you want to grow fast, then study this copy, because this is exactly how you do it!"
Each of these 11 sales pages contain notes breaking down key sections of the copy that allowed these to generate hundreds and thousands of new customers and millions in new sales.

These are NOT sold publicly, and you could only get access to these with “insider connections” to the billion-dollar Agora Inc.

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“The Counter-Intuitive Business Advice I Shared With Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, & Ryan Deiss… Before They Became Three Of The Biggest Gurus Online!”
This is a special presentation given by my good friend, Rich Schefren. 

Rich has transformed more marketers into millionaires (and multi-millionaires) than any other business coach or consultant on the planet

He’s coached many, if not all, of the big names in internet marketing today – Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Ryan Diess, Russell Brunson, and even myself.

What you’ll hear inside this free special bonus has the potential to drastically uplevel your entrepreneurial skill set and change your life and business forever.

Plus, you’re going to discover:
  • The secret behind how Rich’s little 30-page online report generated $3.5 million in a single week… and $7.4 million over 12 months for his business (and turned him into an internet celebrity literally overnight).
  • 16 dominant emotions uncovered by a famous professor that are at the root of every single buying decision (add these into your marketing today to instantly see more sales).
  • How to tap into the “hidden” 91% of buyers that nearly every competitor in your industry is painstakingly oblivious too.
  • True Story: Here’s how Russell Brunson paid off over $1,000,000 in loans and debt… in under 90 days… by following the ONE approach that’s skyrocketed his wealth and fame to the top of the marketing industry.
  • What makes the top 1% of internet marketing legends wealthy, respected, and successful? They don’t chase demand, they create it (and here’s the exact roadmap they follow to do it).
  • ​The “Tim Ferris” secret to turning boring “commodity” products into exciting, multi-million-dollar revenue streams – even in highly-competitive markets.
  • The #1 online marketing “no-no” that entrepreneurs commit which cannibalizes their sales, revenue, and customer retention at a disgustingly fast rate. 
  • ​Your NEW “unbeatable advantage” which will bring you money from all your marketing efforts for years to come – even during global economic freakouts.
  • ​You know those pushy and annoying “salesy” type entrepreneurs that everybody hates? Here’s the ONE way to ensure nobody ever sees you like that ever again.
  • And a LOT more...
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  • The Hyper Growth Method Masterclass Presentation ($297 Value) – Discover the insider customer-acquisition secret that can grow any business to 7-figures and beyond in 1/3 the time! (Slide Deck Visual, Audio, and PDF versions included).
  • FREE BONUS #1: A Complete Debrief Of The Entire 7-Figure E5 CAMP Masterclass Launch ($99 Value) – Your complete analysis and breakdown of everything I did to create and launch my E5 Camp Masterclass, which generated over 7 figures in revenue.
  • FREE BONUS #2: The Forbidden Swipe Files ($99 Value) – 11 of the best, hard-hitting sales pages revealing the “hyper growth” copywriting pattern.
  • FREE BONUS #3: “The Counter-Intuitive Business Advice I Shared With Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, & Ryan Deiss… Before They Became Three Of The Biggest Gurus Online!” ($99 Value) – A special presentation given by my good friend Rich Schefren, which has the potential to drastically uplevel your entrepreneurial skill set and change your life and business forever.
  • Protected by Our “30-Day Money Back” Guarantee – You’re either ecstatic with what you learn inside this Masterclass, or we will give you 100% of your money back.
  • Protected by Our “All Or Nothing” Guarantee – If you choose to return the product, we’ll give you 100% of your money back AND we’ll even let you keep the $297 worth of bonuses completely free as our goodwill gift to you.
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Now Is Your Only Chance To Get A BIG Headstart & Discover The Insider Secret To Rapid Customer Acquisition
Before I sign off, let me share something personal with you...

I’m incredibly grateful to be alive today. I’ve built a stable, long-lasting business that provides me and my family what we need to live an incredible life. 

But this isn’t about me, it’s about the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs who I’ve touched all over the globe. I do this for them.

Stories about parents who were able to quit their full-time jobs and spend more time at home with their kids…

Aspiring entrepreneurs who have been working hard for so many years finally experiencing their “big breakthrough” and achieving true freedom in their lives…

And helping so many people just like yourself build a business that supports their dreams, hobbies, passions, and so much more...

This stuff fires me up and I wouldn’t change a SINGLE thing about my life...

However, If I had to rewind 16 years of my life and do ONE thing differently…

This would be it.

It will allow you to explode your business bigger and faster than you ever imagined. You’ll make MORE sales much sooner, and have more take-home income to use on yourself and the people you love.

Everything I’m grateful for today… I could’ve had much sooner, and with a lot less stress if I knew this simple little secret 16 years ago.
Whether you take me up on this offer or not, that’s okay. 

If you’d rather learn by trial and error and figure this out on your own, that’s completely cool. I’ll be here to teach you everything I know to help you do that.

But if you want to learn the single greatest strategy to generating new sales and customers I’ve ever used… and you want to learn it NOW instead of 16 years it took me…

Then you know what to do.

Todd Brown

P.S. Your investment today is protected for an entire 30 days. 

Try this product and apply it into your business. If you don’t see your business grow faster or generate more sales after a few weeks, send us an email and we’ll gladly refund every penny back to your bank account.

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