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"It's absolutely the most powerful marketing format I’ve ever used... 

it produces a radical

increase in sales!"

All the top marketing experts agree… 

     The invention of the video sales letter changed the entire online marketing game. What I’m about to show you may change it again. 

     It’s already producing response rates and sales at up to 3-5 times the typical funnel models.  

     And you’ll understand why… what this is... and have the chance to jump on it and use it in your own business by the end of this page.

It's NOT a marketing hack or tweak or trick...

Or a new tactic or strategy. 

     Those things can definitely produce incremental increases in conversions; but they don’t produce the kind of radical increase in sales like what you’re about to see does. 

As I said, I’m going to explain why and what it is in just a minute.

Todd Brown

Todd Brown

Founder of the E5 Method™
From the desk of: Todd Brown
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     First it’s important for you to understand, the most successful entrepreneurs and marketers know, the biggest game-changers and breakthroughs in marketing come from a change in format.
     Meaning, anytime you have a new way… and new format... to deliver your marketing message, that new way almost always produces a huge boost in sales conversions. 
     Especially in the first mover advantage stage, when only a few savvy entrepreneurs are using the new format. 

     This is why the smartest marketers and copywriters have and continue to...

stay on the lookout for the next marketing format change. 

     And what you're about to learn is that next marketing format change… which is already underway. This is just your chance to be one of the first to use it, so you reap all those big early benefits. 

Let me show you something...

You see this?
This is what’s called a magalog. 

     That’s what legendary copywriter, Gary Bencivenga, coined it. It’s just a combination of magazine and catalog. And, it’s really just a marketing promotion published to look and feel like a magazine. 

     Prior to the invention of the magalog, traditional long-form sales letters were the standard format for delivering direct response marketing messages. 
     When direct marketers first started using magalogs, sales conversions from these promotions were sky-high, off the charts. Brian Kurtz of Boardroom would tell you these little babies helped propel them to over a $160 million a year. 

     Once the magalog became a common format used by marketers… which happens with every format that works… we saw the introduction of these guys… 
This is what's called a Slim Jim. 

     Another new format. And, again, when direct marketers first started using Slim Jims, sales conversions from these promotions were also sky-high.

Once the Slim Jim became a common format, we saw another new marketing format introduced...
The bookalog

     These are little 6 by 9 books, which are really nothing more than a sales letter designed to look and feel like a book. And, again, when direct marketers first started using this new format, sales conversions from these promotions were also sky-high.

     This is the same experience we saw when long-form infomercials first started being used… when webinars first started being used… and, of course, when video sales letters first started being used. 

     Every time a new marketing format is developed, sales conversions take a huge jump, and then level-out over time as the new format becomes commonplace. 

Right now, almost all the different marketing formats being used have leveled-out and are in that common stage.

Your prospects have seen them...
  • VSLs
  • ​Sales Letters
  • ​Webinars
  • ​Challenge Funnels
  • Product Launch Funnels
...and so on.
     So, as always happens when using standard marketing formats… and as you likely know… it's become tougher and tougher not only to produce good sales conversions, it’s become tougher and tougher just to get prospects to engage with these common marketing formats.

     That, combined with the fact that — prior to what I’m about to show you — we haven’t seen a new marketing format introduced in years, makes now...

 ...an incredible opportunity to be one of the first to deploy a new marketing format. 

And that’s what I want to give you on this page.

Quick backstory first on...

How this new marketing format came about...

     See, sometime ago I tested a new campaign format. I was asked to partner on the release of a new product for a 1.5 billion-dollar a year company. 

     So I wanted to do something special, something different, something I felt the market would pay attention to and respond to like crazy. And I knew that if I went with one of the standard campaign formats — a VSL, long-form sales letter, or webinar — it wouldn’t get nearly the attention or engagement or conversions I wanted. 

     So I decided to test something completely different. But, because it wasn’t my product — it was something I partnered on — I didn’t have a whole lot of time to allocate to the creation of the campaign. 

     So, I decided to test a new marketing format and approach...

...what I later nicknamed as a Simple Selling Saga™.

I’ll tell you what it is in just a second.

     First, let me set the stage for you and say this… the day the offer for this campaign went live, sales were coming in so fast our CRM (Infusionsoft) couldn’t even keep up with the orders. 

     The Simple Selling Saga™ brought-in the first six-figures in minutes of the offer going live. It was bonkers. 

     And dozens of those first orders were coming in from highly-sophisticated entrepreneurs and marketers who’ve seen it all when it comes to the typical marketing campaign formats and models. 

     Many of them, after buying, commented how blown-away they were by the Simple Selling Saga™ format and approach. 
When the dust settled, in a matter of days...

This new marketing format brought-in just a bit over a million-dollars in sales. 

But that’s not even the really cool part. 


     The Simple Selling Saga™ is a type of multi-day campaign. And it only took me about 45-minutes or so each day… for one week… to set-up and launch the campaign. 

     Because there’s no fancy video, no fancy graphics, no elaborate sales copy, no fancy technology, none of that. 

So, it’s easy and fast to set-up... 

and, for what it’s worth, it’s a fun campaign format to launch.

     Because a Simple Selling Saga™ deploys a unique type of narrative… what I call a “behind the scenes” story. Not based on typical story-telling, which is often difficult to do well, built is instead almost all dialogue… the easiest type of content to do. 

Anybody can do it. 

     So you could say the Simple Selling Saga™ takes the most powerful form of marketing — a story — and makes it easy for you to flawlessly, without you needing any story-telling skills

What makes a Simple Selling Saga™ so effective at producing sales?

A few big things:
     First, as I mentioned already, it’s a different marketing format. It looks, feels, and sounds different from what every other marketer is doing. So it’s not ignored because prospects don’t see it as a marketing campaign or sales funnel the way they do with the typical campaign models and formats. 

     So more prospects engage with your Simple Selling Saga™ and more prospects consume it. Two, obviously key things for you to have a campaign which puts up big sales numbers. 

     Second, a Simple Selling Saga™ is easy and fun for your prospects to consume. Because it’s not just a unique story angle, it’s the way the story is delivered, the type of content shared and how it’s shared with simple dialogue. 

So your prospects not only engage with the campaign, they go through it. 

Most, the whole thing. 

And enjoy going through.

They actually look forward to consuming each piece.

     So you no longer see people bailing midway through your campaign. Instead, you’re getting far more prospects into your campaign, far more prospects consuming your campaign, and far more prospects hearing everything you have to share. 

All of this leading to more of your prospects buying from you. 
     And, third, a Simple Selling Saga™ leads your prospects to want your offer before you even mention anything about your product or service. 

     And it does it without your prospects ever realizing there’s any marketing going on. So your prospects enjoy going through the campaign, are entertained while doing it, and are excited to buy in the end. 

Which they do, in droves. 

Without you ever doing or saying any of the typical sales nonsense. 

     And, in case you’re wondering, no… you don’t need any kind of extensive copywriting skills… any special technology or video equipment… or any special offer or product… and you don’t need to do anything on the phone or have some sales team. 

None of that.

     And because the Simple Selling Saga™ is a new marketing format right now, it’s working to produce sales even with high-ticket offers.

Without requiring any telephone calls or appointments or sales team.

Now here’s the thing:

     I’ve used the Simple Selling Saga™ three times. All three times we sold a product above $2,500. And all three times it’s produced over a million dollars in sales in one week. 

     But, I’ve only chosen to use it those three times so far. I’ve saved it for when I really want to make sure we get a big sales pop from a promotion, but purposely have only used it a handful of times… because I’ve never wanted it to get too popular, for people to swipe it in our market. 

I’ve kept it close to my chest so it doesn’t become commonplace… and continues to work. 

     This is also why I’ve never taught the Simple Selling Saga™ in its entirety anywhere. Not even to my highest level clients.

Until now.


     Because I’ve decided to use the Simple Selling Saga™ a lot more, starting this Summer. I want to give my clients the first mover advantage of also using this new format to see their own big sales pops. 

So I’ve decided to finally share the entire format and method with my clients. 

 Mark your calendar for Thursday

May 27th at 10:00 am EST.

 1hr NOTICE: The deadline to register for this ends in the next...

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     So, on Thursday May 27th, I’m hosting a private all-day one-time-only virtual Workshop for my Top One Mastermind Clients and my E5 Coaching+ Clients. These are my top clients. 

     But, I’m also going to open up this one-time Workshop to an additional 50 students from our tribe. Which includes YOU.

     During the Workshop on May 27th I’ll be sharing everything from A-Z about structuring, setting-up, and launching your own Simple Selling Saga™. Including, walking you page-by-page, line-by-line, and email-by-email through my own Simple Selling Saga™ campaigns. 

     You’ll know how it works, how to set it up, how to launch it, and how to use it to enjoy a crazy pop in sales. 

And that’s really just the beginning. 

     Because on the Workshop, together, you and I will be working on your campaign and putting together the pieces of your first Simple Selling Saga™. 

     I’ll be guiding you, personally. Live. So you get one-on-one direction and guidance from me in a private group setting. So by the end of this Workshop on May 27th, you walk away with the bulk of your Simple Selling Saga™, done. 

     Now, this workshop is perfect for you if you understand the value of...

Being one of the first to use a new marketing format before it becomes common in your market.

If you recognize the opportunity and advantage of being a first mover. 
     This workshop is perfect for you if you’re willing to do something different from your competitors… from the typical campaign approach… so you drive more prospects, more consumption, and more sales. Again, with something different.  

     And this workshop is perfect for you if you’re willing to allocate one week to launch this new campaign format… with what I teach you and with the work we do together.

     If those things do not excite you, this Workshop is NOT for you. And I would ask you pass on taking one of the 50 extra seats. 

So what’s the investment to attend?

     While I certainly could justify pricing this at $5000 a ticket, if not more based on how much just one Simple Selling Saga™ can be worth to you and your business...

     I've decided to set the investment per ticket at just $997. That’s it. There’s no upsells, no bump offers, no continuity. 

     The reason you can grab one of the 50 seats for far below what this Workshop will be worth to you is because I have no bells and whistles planned for the Workshop. 

     It’s just going to be one whole day of hardcore teaching, sharing, walking you through swipes, and working together on your Simple Selling Saga.

So if you’re cool with that, you can grab one of the spots for only $997. 

And here’s the deal: 

     If you want, you don’t even have to take care of the full $997 today. You can register your seat right now for just $97. That shows me that you’re serious about taking what I show you and making money with it. 

     Then you can attend the entire workshop, And only after you learn the entire Simple Selling Saga™, and we’ve worked on your campaign… and only if you’re thrilled with the entire workshop experience will you then be charged the $997.

You risk nothing to learn this entire new marketing format and model.

     If after this workshop you’re not thoroughly convinced your Simple Selling Saga™ will bring you more sales than anything else you’re doing or using right now, send one email to my team and you’ll get a complete refund and you won’t owe anything. 

It’s as simple as that.

     You either walk away convinced I’ve given you the keys to the castle, or you get all your money back. 

     And, when you register your seat today, you also get instant access to a bonus training not available anywhere else. 

     Perfect for you if you want to know the secret of how the biggest direct response company strategizes and develops offers and products for mass marketplace appeal. 

This is a perfect complement to use with your Simple Selling Saga™. 

The bonus training is called ​The $500 Million-Dollar Product Positioning Principle 

     Inside you’ll hear the single secret for engineering offers and products which drive your market wild to buy. 

     And it’s almost the complete opposite of what most experts are teaching. Inside this training I detail the whole process which was shared with me over a private lunch I had, while in Baltimore, with two of the marketing legends from the world of Agora.  

     They credit this single approach to engineering offers and products for producing their biggest marketing home runs. And you’ll hear exactly what they shared. 

     And no matter what market you’re in or what product or service you sell, you can use this simple strategy to have offers and products your market is excited to buy.  

I could easily sell this training alone for $499 or more. And it would be an insane bargain.

     But, today, when you register your seat to the Simple Selling Saga™ Workshop...

You get this bonus training FREE with immediate access. 

You can dive-in today, in just a few minutes from now.
     As well, when the workshop is over, you also get access to the full, unedited recordings, a word-for-word transcript of the entire Workshop, and annotated PDF’s of my Simple Selling Saga™ campaigns. 

     This way, you can reference the materials anytime you want another pop in sales with a new Simple Selling Saga™ campaign.

So, look: 

     If you want to jump at the chance to be one of the first in your marketplace to use this new marketing format and experience the first mover sales from this…  

     Go ahead, fill in the form below and grab your seat right now. Just $97 bucks today, and then $997 after the Workshop only if you’re fully convinced the Simple Selling Saga™ will be a sales-generating beast for you. 

Keep in mind:

This is a legit limited time offer. 

There’s not only a deadline, there’s also only 50 extra tickets available.

     Because I’m going to be working with you on your own Simple Selling Saga™ live on the Workshop I obviously have to limit the number of folks I can have on there with me. 

     So the offer will close and be taken offline when we hit the deadline or when we sell-out the 50 tickets, whichever comes first. 

So if you want in, now’s the time to act. 

Go ahead, fill in the form below and grab your seat right now.
  • You get access to the one-day virtual workshop on Thursday, May 27th.
  • You get access to the unedited recordings, word-for-word transcript, and annotated PDFs, afterwards.
  • You get instant access to the bonus training: The $500 Million-Dollar Product Positioning Principle.
     And, you can secure your spot today for just $97… followed by one payment of just $997 after the workshop, and only if you love everything.
     You’re either blown away and thrilled, or you can send one email to my team and you’ll get a complete refund and won’t owe anything. There’s no continuity, no contract, nothing like that. 

Go ahead, fill in the form below and grab your seat right now.


     This is your chance to finally be one of the first entrepreneurs to benefit from this new marketing format. 

     You already know, based on what we talked about at the beginning of this page, the folks who get-in and use the new marketing format the earliest are the ones who reap the biggest increase in sales. 

This is your chance to do that. To grab yourself an advantage. To finally be the early mover.

     And you also now know why with a Simple Selling Saga™ you attract more of your prospects into your campaign, and why prospects consume so much more of this campaign format, and how it drives prospects to want to buy from you without them ever feeling pushed or prodded or manipulated. 

     And you also know why...

Launching your own Simple Selling Saga™ is easy, fast, and fun.

     And why you can have it up and producing sales with less than an hour a day of time over just one week. 

Now it’s up to you.

     You can certainly ignore this opportunity and let someone else take your seat out of the 50 spots. And keep doing what you’ve been doing. And maybe wait for the next new format or wait until you see others using the Simple Selling Saga™. 

     Or, you can put me to the test with this offer… and grab your seat to the Workshop so you can see for yourself just how many sales your own Simple Selling Saga™ can produce for you in a single week. 

Just remember: 

 This is a one-time-only Workshop... I have no plans on doing this again. 

     And there’s no plans as of right now to sell the recordings afterwards. The recordings will only be made available to attendees of the Workshop.

     So if you’re interested, just say maybe… cover the $97 registration fee today… attend the Workshop on Thursday, May 27th…. then decide if it’s worth the small $997. 

You’re either thrilled… or you get your $97 bucks back and don’t owe anything. 

I’m sure you realize... 

     I wouldn’t make this kind of offer for you if I didn’t know the impact the Simple Selling Saga™ can have on you and your business. 

So go ahead, you risk nothing; fill in the form below and grab your seat right now. 

And I’ll talk to you on the Workshop on May 27th at 10:00 AM EST.

 YES TODD! - I'm ready to register for your new (LIVE) workshop and grab one of these 50 spots right now!

(Starts Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 10:00AM EST - Which is in the next...)

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STEP #1: Reserve Your Seat
The first step is to fill in the order form below and reserve yourself one of the 50 virtual seats for the up coming "Simple Selling Saga™" workshop. You'll also get immediate access to a special bonus training called... "The $500 Million-Dollar Product Positioning Principle!" 
STEP #2: Attend The LIVE Workshop
Next, you attend the ONE DAY online virtual workshop and we'll engineer your own "Simple Selling Saga™" for your business.
STEP #3: Decide If It Was Worth It!
At the end of the ONE DAY LIVE workshop, if you don't see how engineering your own Simple Selling Saga™ into your business can dramatically accelerate new client sales, and quickly impact your growth for the better. Then simply email my team at a private email address (I'll reveal at the end of the live workshop), and you won't have to pay a dime!
If you're like most MFA tribe members, you'll LOVE IT! 

If so, then DO NOTHING, and we'll bill you the $997 ticket price AFTER the workshop is over on Friday, May 28th 2021! 

Does that sound MORE than fair? Cool, then reserve one of the 50 seats NOW, by filling in the form below:
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