For Coaches, Consultants, Experts And/Or Marketers Who Are Sick & Tired Of Seeing Zero Sales… Or Worse… Feeling Rejected, Passed Up & Not Good Enough in The Current Economy...
Godfather Of Persuasion Reveals Simple “Influence Trick” That Guarantees You’re Never Ignored Again...
Discover How Coaches, Consultants & Experts Are Creating Unbelievable Financial Freedom By Ethically Convincing Clients & Customers To Buy Their Products…

...Using Nothing But This “Forgotten Secret” Passed Down By The Ancient Greek Inventor Of Persuasion Himself
Dear Entrepreneur,

More than 2,000+ years ago, a great discovery was made… 

This discovery gave a few normal men the ability to persuade anyone, anywhere, and win anybody over to your cause.

Men once rejected because of their dirt-poor poverty suddenly created so much wealth... 

they could do, be, and create anything they could ever ask for.

Centuries ago, a famous Greek philosopher asked one simple question...

The answer to this question led to a breakthrough that allowed certain people to become impossible to ignore.

Now let me ask you a question...
How Would Your Life Look If YOU Were Impossible To Ignore?
Your life would look a lot… better.

Imagine if your marketing message became irresistible… 

You’d pull in a boatload of fresh customers and clients. Every single day.

You’d generate a ton more sales… jacking up your revenue… and ultimately giving you much more take-home income that you can spend lavishly however you wanted.

Your new ability to persuade new prospects over to your products would radically alter your financial future… dare I say, forever.

But that’s just the beginning… because you wouldn’t just make a life-changing amount of money, no…
You’d Finally Command Respect With Every Word You Said!
You’d gain admiration from other entrepreneurs who aspire to be as loved and adored as you. 

And you’d finally have that feeling of being heard, seen, and standing out above everybody competing with you.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs online today – if not allwill never experience the utopia you just read above.

How do you know I’m not lying to you?

Think about it...
The Most Persuasive Entrepreneurs In The World Use This "Trick" To Get What They Want, Every Single Time
Steve Jobs did… Bill Gates does… Richard Branson does… 

All leaders and entrepreneurs who used this “influence trick” to help build their dreams and create the empires we know and love today.

Even the wealthiest marketing advertisers rely on this same trick to sell millions of dollars in products… online and offline… in every industry imaginable.

Even with everything going on in the world and economy right now, this "trick" is still working for those in the know.

In fact, I had the privilege to sit down with the current godfather of persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of the famous book “Influence”... 

He let me in on a little secret and said...
“This Is The Single Most POWERFUL Way To Make People Say YES... To Your Message, To Your Products, To Your Wishes…”
Once he said this, it all “clicked” for me…

But, if you’re diligent like me, you have to be sure.

I started to analyze the biggest entrepreneurs online, combing through their marketing with a fine-tooth comb looking for “clues” of this technique…
Clues is an understatement; I found glaring evidence. 

To the naked eye, it’s nearly impossible to spot. But with my newfound knowledge, it became impossible to ignore… and nearly impossible to resist.

I Immediately forced this into my own marketing...

You wouldn’t believe it.

My income exploded from around $10,000/mo to over $100,000+/mo.

Every new product, course or offer I launched went nuts… customers went berserk to pay me money (in a good way)... and I quickly became a respected name in the marketing industry.

Honestly, I was shocked because…
Everything I Learned About “How To Make Sales” Online Did NOT Teach This Trick At All...
Most of it was missing the mark or just flat-out wrong.

Do you feel like “making sales” is harder than people make it sound?

That’s because it is. 

… but only if you’re using ineffective marketing tactics being spewed by self-proclaimed online gurus.

Dumping more money into paid traffic…

Building funnel after funnel until something hits…

Even the fanciest “copywriting secret” that promises you millions of dollars just by writing a few simple words…

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

None of these work if you don’t have a powerful message; and to be more specific, a well-structured message that’s persuasive from the start.

The harder you try, the harder it gets. 

Because the more you do these other things that don’t work, the further away you get from the simple truth about what does work.

It’s how the big-name marketers and entrepreneurs make it look so easy, while most people… probably you… continue to struggle day after day.

There’s still time for you to use this secret and change your marketing for good.

You can still discover this before the rest of the online marketing “bandwagon” latches on and abuses it…

But please, don’t kick back and get comfortable…
You Either Let This Trick Give You More Sales Now Or Miss Out On The Only Real Advantage Online For Coaches, Consultants & Experts Today...
The internet is only getting bigger.

Every day, entrepreneurs – just like you – are jumping online and vigorously executing the same techniques you’re using now…

Trust me, I can predict with the certainty of a supercomputer that your idea, your message, and your product… is not new.

And with the rapidly increasing onslaught of people you’ll be competing with every second of every day… achieving online freedom is not going to be easy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not doubting your abilities or potential – it’s actually the opposite...

I believe you can massively succeed online as an entrepreneur. 

You can reach tons more people you couldn’t reach before. You can take your personal income to a level that gives you breathing room. And you can enjoy doing what you love without tossing and turning at night stressing about your future…

But only if you use what I’m going to give you right now.

Because you either learn it, harness it, and allow it persuade new customers and clients into gladly paying you money…

Or you miss out on the easy, effective, dead-simple way to outmatch your competition and win predictable business each and every week.

By now, if you’re reading this page, you might be wondering who I am to say all this…
You’re Hearing From The Guru Other Gurus Hire When They Need A Million-Dollar Marketing Funnel
My name is Todd Brown, and your success is what I care about.

I’m the guy other big-name marketers call when they need help with their own marketing.

Agora Financial, a $500 million financial publishing company, hires me every month as a private consultant to help them reach more customers they couldn’t reach before.

(Plus, their copywriters are known as the most savage marketers in the game. They all swear by what I’m about to share with you now… just to add a little credibility.)

In fact, I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe follow their dreams, quit their jobs, and spend more free time with their family.

And like yourself, I’m just a motivated and inspired man who’s looking to create a better life for my wife, my little girls, and my awesome Pitbull dog.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about you…

Because in just a few short minutes from now, you’re going to see how…
Writing Ads, Writing Copy, Recording Videos, & Anything To Do With Persuading People To Say YES To You Is About To Get A Whole Lot Easier
A Greek inventor and philosopher was the first person to discover the real secret of persuasion.

It’s also not some useless study of “linguistics” that you’d hear from a monotone college professor while packed into a crowded lecture hall…


The real art of persuasion which I'm going to share with you is the precise science on how to inspire someone – anyone – over to your side of view.

Whether that’s a speech you’re giving, an idea you’re pitching, or in this case, a product you’re selling…

This secret, is quite frankly, is at the root of every entrepreneur’s success.

And the godfather of persuasion who discovered it over 2,000 years ago broke it down into three “modes” of persuasion:

First is Ethos, which is convincing somebody logically with facts, figures, and proof. Although valuable, it’s not even close to the most powerful…

Second is Logos, which is convincing somebody of your credibility. Again, necessary, but doesn’t compare to the final mode…

Third, the strongest of the three, is Pathos. Pathos is is the key to persuasion.

Pathos is the heart of influence. However, it’s also the most forgotten, misunderstood, and misused because...
This Is The Most Effective Form Of Persuasion, Yet Nobody Knows How To Use It Properly
Pathos is all about convincing somebody with emotions.

But to do this, you must use a specific “influence trick” that I’ve been hinting at. You can’t just blatantly try to spike somebody’s emotions without a game plan.

You need to be precise. You need to be specific. And you need to know what in the world you’re actually doing.

That’s why I’ve created what I call Emotive Rhetorical Devices.

Emotive Rhetorical Devices are simple to understand techniques based on the fundamentals of online persuasion. 

This makes writing copy, writing ads, or creating compelling videos a lot easier.

The best part? You don’t have to learn this yourself.

You don’t need to climb your way through the cesspool of misinformation on the internet, and you don’t need to spend an entire lifetime figuring these out yourself…

Today, I can give you these techniques. 

Because after helping my students, my clients, and even myself generate multiple millions of dollars in over 40+ industries...

I’ve discovered 10 specific and unique Emotive Rhetorical Devices that will make your marketing impossible to ignore.

And right now, you can learn them in less than an hour, execute them as soon as tonight, and see more sales as soon as tomorrow.

That’s why I’m introducing…
The Persuasive Punch
Crash Course
10 Secret, Powerful, Dead-Simple Persuasion Tactics That You Can Execute In Mere Minutes & Will Give You New Customer Sales As Soon As Tomorrow
These are 10 of the most effective “persuasion tools” used by the most influential men in history – now they’re available to you.

Whether you’re just starting fresh with your new online business or you’re a seasoned pro with years of experience under your belt…

The Persuasive Punch Crash Course will add life to your current revenue in ways far more exciting than any other tactic can give you.

Apply these into your marketing tonight, and I promise you’ll see an obvious boost in your online sales as soon as tomorrow.

You now harness an advantage that will help you cut through the noise, become glaringly visible to the prospects who matter, and win their business now and forever.
Here’s Everything You’ll Discover Inside This Private Crash Course
  • 10 simple persuasion tools that give your marketing so much style, flare, and impact that you’ll become nearly impossible to ignore. 
  • How to inject these rhetorical devices into all your copy – without your competitors realizing it – so you instantly boost your sales while feeling at peace that nobody will steal your copy (and as a result, keep all your customers!)
  • A simple little technique that instantly adds the “persuasion effect” to every word you write... starting as soon as tonight.
  • How to win new customers over to your business using the “master tactic” deployed by the most savage, ruthless, and unrelenting prosecutors alive today (prosecutors sway an entire jury to their side, and now you can sway an entire market to yours).
  • How to take a boring piece of content and transmute it into an unforgettable experience that drives your prospects to buy from you without any pushback or hesitation.
  • ​The obvious (yet hidden) tweak you can make to any sentence that will instantly add more punch, more power, and more profit into your business, plus...
How To Become A Persuader Who Can – Easily, Effortlessly, & Naturally – Convince “Hard To Crack” Customers Into Becoming Your Most Loyal Customers... With A Simple 4th Grade Vocabulary!
  • The 1-word strategy that etches your product name deep into your prospect’s brain (use this when naming your products and you’ll be nearly impossible to forget).
  • ​The rhetorical device that gives your writing a smooth, rhythmic, almost hypnotizing effect that puts your customers into a buying trance (this is the closest thing to “ethical mind control” I’ve ever used, and now it’s yours).
  • ​How to give your writing that irresistible “Hollywood Action Movie” effect so your prospects perk on the edge of their seat eager to give you money.
  • ​How to use THIS tactic to easily convince new customers, persuade new prospects, and pocket new profit in a matter of days.
  • A tiny technique that instantly gives your voice flare, gives your message impact, and gives your marketing power… no matter what industry you’re in.
  • YES! Now you can relax knowing that your message will prod your market precisely where it tickles by following this sales “anti-strategy.”
  • The rhetorical technique that’s so atrociously bad… it paradoxically breathes new life into your marketing (yes, sounds ridiculous, but you’ll be surprised when you see how well this works to bring you new sales).
  • In fact, you will discover...
How To Use The Lethal Art Of Rhetoric (So Powerful, Once Used As An Ancient Torture Device) To Ethically Persuade Prospects Over To Your Products!
  • The real secret to writing hyper-persuasive copy that your elementary school teacher showed you in second grade (writing copy so good it converts 24/7 is simpler than you’ve been led to believe).
  • The amateur copywriting blunder that makes your marketing seem bloated, unattractive, and unreadable (you're likely committing this mistake right now - it’s in your BEST interest to fix this asap before it’s too late).
  • ​Feel prepared and confident that in any situation, you can instantly find, create, and deliver a persuasive argument that appeals to the parts of the human brain that makes people say yes.
  • Discover how rhetoric can help you move, persuade, and convince in any area of expertise.
  • How to incite “buying emotions” on command in your copy, videos, and webinars just by understanding these 10 rhetorical devices. 
  • And how to instantly command a charismatic writing style that wins new customers, persuades them away from your competition, & coerces them into giving you their money – gladly and willingly!
  • And so much more...
The Exact Techniques Used By The Most Persuasive Online Marketers Is Now Yours For One Small Investment
My private clients are building behemoth companies and dominating their industries with a powerful marketing message…

My personal students, most of who aren’t typical “marketers” at all, are easily outsmarting their competition and winning new customers with ease...

And the secret to my success was not writing better copy, spending more on ads, or creating your next trendy whizbang funnel…

The reason for our success – and now yours – is what I’m offering you in this easy-to-digest Crash Course that gives you the key to creating a marketing message that gives you more sales, more profit, and more freedom.

This Crash Course isn’t going to cost you $499.

It won’t even cost you half that.

I’m making this information as accessible as I possibly can for you.

And to make the deal even sweeter...
You’re Getting 60+ Bonus Persuasion Triggers (Valued at $594) FREE!
I’m a big believer in over delivering and actually helping my customers succeed faster, easier, and with far more enjoyment.

That’s why I’m adding 60+ bonus persuasion triggers that perfectly compliment the 10 you’re already getting today.

No matter what product you sell, which industry you’re in, or what size your business currently is right now…

What you’re getting is a surefire way to make sure you have the most irresistible marketing message you could possibly create.

First, you’re going to get...
FREE BONUS #1 ($297 VALUE): 
26 Advanced Marketing Funnel Conversion Triggers
What you’re about to discover inside this unique little training are the most advanced strategies and tactics for jacking-up the conversion rate at almost every step of your marketing funnel.

First, you're going to learn the strategy between 26+ advanced marketing funnel conversion tactics; what they look like in the real world, in a real marketing funnel; and how and why these tactics work to boost conversions for you. 

Now here's what you will not learn in this course...

Of course, as the name implies, these are advanced marketing funnel tactics and so you won't be learning any of the basics of setting up a marketing funnel like setting up an auto responder or setting up a webpage or any of the basic stuff behind implementing and executing a marketing funnel. 

These are all advanced conversion tactics to really help improve the flow of prospects through every step of your funnel as well as increase conversions at the end of the funnel in terms of turning prospects into customers. 

Second, you’re getting…
FREE BONUS #2 ($297 VALUE): 
34 Weapons Of Influence
Discover The Advanced Arsenal Of Influence Techniques Used By The Wealthiest Copywriters On The Planet
Now, I almost didn’t include this… because it’s for advanced-eyes only.

But if you’ve ever wondered what separates average marketers who can’t crack the 5-figure per month mark… from the famous gurus who have 7- and 8-figure empires…

Then this bonus will definitely point you in the right direction.

What you find inside The Persuasive Punch Crash Course works for any business, in any industry, and with any product. However, if you want to increase your results and make it happen even faster, this will do the trick.

My good friend Joe Schriefer, the head Copy Chief at Agora Financial, compiled 34 “weapons of influence” he teaches all his copywriters to use when writing…

These 34 influence techniques have led to the creation of a billion-dollar financial publishing company, and they can be used by anyone.

These are NOT sold publicly, and you could only get access to these with “insider connections” to Agora Inc….

But today, you’re getting them free with your purchase of The Persuasive Punch Crash Course.
How Much Is The Ability To Create Financial Freedom Using Just The Written Word Worth To You?
These techniques are what I advise my $25,000 clients to implement into their business when they need a surge of fresh buyers...

And it costs around $1,000-$2,000 to gain this information from any of the events I speak at.

However, since this is an unprecedented time, one none of us could have forseen or predicted I want to stack the 'influence and persuasion' deck in your favor with these 10 Emotive Rhetorical Devices inside a Crash Course, I'm giving you one extra nudge to make this an easy decision for you…

In fact, I'm going to let you go through it BEFORE making a final decision on anything.

Right now, you can have this for $1.
Get Access To Everything
For Just $1 Today
Try Before You Buy Guarantee
If you decide it's not for you for any reason, just let us know within 3 days and we'll refund your $1.

Otherwise we'll go ahead and process the remaining discounted price of $36 in 3 days.
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You’re Protected By Our “All Or Nothing” Guarantee For The Next 30 Days, Here’s How It Works:
Listen, I’m so confident these tactics will bring new life to your business, that after 30 days, you’re either THRILLED with the new sales this Crash Course brings you, or...
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  • On top of your money back guarantee, we’ll even let you keep the $594 worth of bonuses completely free as our goodwill gift to you. 
Yes, this bundle either gives you everything we promise on this page, or you get all your money back AND you get to keep all the bonuses for free.

No tricks. No gimmicks. None of that. All yours for $1 today.
($1 today then 1 instalment of just $36 in 3 days - only if you LOVE it)
Here’s Everything You’re Getting Instant Access To For $1 Today
  • The Persuasive Punch Crash Course ($297 Value) – 10 secret, powerful, dead-simple persuasion tactics that you can execute in mere minutes and will give you new customer sales as soon as tomorrow.
  • FREE BONUS #1: 26 Advanced Marketing Funnel Conversion Triggers ($297 Value) – 26+ advanced marketing funnel conversion tactics for jacking-up the conversion rate at almost every step of your marketing funnel.
  • FREE BONUS #2: 34 Weapons Of Influence ($297 Value) – 34 influence techniques used by the wealthiest copywriters and marketers alive, now accessible to you and your business.
  • ​Protected by Our “30-Day Money Back” Guarantee – You’re either ecstatic with what you learn inside this Crash Course, or we will give you 100% of your money back.
  • Protected by Our “All Or Nothing” Guarantee – If you choose to return the product, we’ll give you 100% of your money back AND we’ll even let you keep the $594 worth of bonuses completely free as our goodwill gift to you.
  • ​$32-OFF LIMITED TIME OFFER – Until the timer runs our, we’re knocking off $98 off the original price of $99 so you can try everything for just $1. Then only if you absolutely love it, in 3 days you'll be billed just one instalment of just $36.
($1 today then 1 instalment of just $36 in 3 days - only if you LOVE it)
The Answer To Finding, Creating, & Enjoying Your Dream Business Is Right Here Waiting For You
The way I see it, there are three options:

You can read this page and do nothing about it. You can simply go back to everything you were doing before, which is likely going to give you the same outcome that you’re trying to avoid right now.

You can do this yourself. You can take it upon yourself to study, master, and harness the art of persuasion in marketing without any guidance. Yes, it’s possible, but be aware that it will take longer, it will cause more stress, and there’s zero guarantee that you make any progress.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with the first two options. I’m not going to try and convince you otherwise.

Lastly, you can let me help you do this. You don’t have to spend months – even years – trying to figure this out yourself because I can show you everything you need to know. In less than an hour from now, you’ll have 70+ powerful persuasion tactics that will give you the confidence to move forward and make sales.

Whether you take me up on this offer or not, that’s okay.

My mission is to help people like yourself escape failure, achieve success, and enjoy true financial freedom.

That’s what this is all about, isn’t it?

Don’t forget, your entire investment is protected for an entire 30 days.

You’re either thrilled with everything this Crash Course gives you, or we’ll refund every single penny you paid us.

It’s now all up to you, good luck.
($1 today then 1 instalment of just $36 in 3 days - only if you LOVE it)
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