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Todd Brown

Todd Brown

Creator of the E5 Method

From the desk of: Todd Brown
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    For years, top players in the marketing space have been asking me to do this...

    Well, after 20 years in this business, I'm finally... for the first time ever... revealing everything I know about crafting copy that converts
    I'm talkin' about...

    Every trick, technique, tactic, & strategy
I use to power the big-money marketing campaigns I've become known for! 

    All the copy gambits and devices... all the psychological triggers... all the framing techniques... all the positioning patterns... all the objection-killing maneuvers...  all the closing segues... all of it!

    💵 From A-Z, I'm going to lay-out and detail EVERYTHING I do to engineer copy which repeatedly turns into million and multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns.

    And, I'm going to share it all LIVE during a rare, one-time-only two-day workshop. 

    And I guarantee you...

    If you're fortunate enough to be in attendance, you'll walk away with a level of copywriting know-how few entrepreneurs will ever possess -- the most valuable power any direct response marketer can wield. 

   You'll know how to structure copy... and do things with your copy... so effective... it'll make your competitors' stuff look ridiculous. 😂

    And your marketing campaigns will be on an entirely different level. From how they sound... their vibe... the way they move prospects... to how they work to consistently produce sales for you at scale. 

    Without question...

    This Workshop will change everything for you. And I do not say that lightly.  

    Why am I doing this now? 


    Because I haven't seen anybody else teaching the deeper, essential tactical stuff for having copy that produces consistent sales in big numbers.

    🧐 All the copy training I've seen is high level, conceptual. More big-picture perspective than how-to.

    I've yet to see anyone share the nitty-gritty, nuts-and-bolts stuff: word choice... sentence structure... framing... internal triggering... THE DETAILS!

    Yet, it's in the details of copy that sells where the rubber meets the road. 

    Understanding copy on a high level is one thing; understanding how to apply the deeper secrets of copy in the way you string together words, sentences, paragraphs, content chunks... that's where the real magic happens.🪄

    And that is exactly what I'm going to be sharing with you during this Workshop.

    How different is this?

    ❌ You're not going to hear me waste time with the nonsense amateur fill-in-the-blank templates...

    ❌ You're not going to hear me waste time covering the same old copy formulas or headline models like "Who Else Wants To..." or "They Laughed When I..."...

    ❌ Nor are you going to hear me rehash the standard axioms of good copywriting. 

    Heck no! All of that is already done, and already all over the web. 

    No. I'm going to give you all the pieces and tactics and tricks and under-the-hood elements of copy that sells which I've yet to see anybody else share.  

    And fact is...

    I've never met or seen anyone... not anyone... who knows and uses all the different copy gambits and devices I do, like I do. 

    As you likely know or have heard...

    My stuff is just different. And that's why it works so well to produce sales. 

    So you'll be learning methods for whipping-up sales-producing copy not shared anywhere else. Techniques others don't do and don't know. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Not too mention...

    Much of the common, old-school approach to copywriting -- still being used and taught -- isn't working nearly as well anymore. Nor is it all compliant anymore on Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc. 

    Yet, my method... the stuff you're going to learn on this Workshop... is not only compliant, it continues to crush it. 

    Why this Notification List?

     🗓 This historic TWO-DAY online workshop is scheduled for September 25th & 26th 2021. 

    Only 100 tickets will be sold. That's it. 

    And I have no clue how fast those 100 spots will sell out. 

    So this Notification List is a way of giving the folks serious about their copy chops... a chance to get early access to register when the 100 tickets go on sale in a few months. 

    If that describes you...

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