Time-sensitive message to my MFA Tribe members on getting prospective clients seeing you as the GO-TO AUTHORITY with the clearly superior solution using...

This ONE Marketing


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It all starts with ONE TINY TWEAK to your marketing message, which sets you apart from your competition, fuels new client sales, and accelerates business growth like wildfire in 2023!

     Imagine making one tiny tweak to your marketing message, which would immediately have prospective clients viewing you as the obvious superior expert with the obvious superior method. 

     And by simply making this one tiny tweak, you’d stand out as the expert in your marketplace with the most attractive solution for solving your prospect's problem. 

     Think about how quickly and significantly that would ramp up business. Well, that one tiny tweak is called the Unique Mechanism.

     Since I first introduced it in 2012, thousands of entrepreneurs and over 55 different countries have used the Unique Mechanism to launch, grow and scale seven, eight, and even nine-figure expert businesses. 

Many credit learning the Unique Mechanism from me as the...

Single biggest transforming factor

in their business success today. 

And the thing is... 

     The Unique Mechanism can do the same thing for you. Bringing you a consistent, reliable stream of new clients day in and day out.

The Unique Mechanism

Quickly dialing up your authority in 2023!

     As the word continues to spread about the value of differentiating with a Unique Mechanism. We’re seeing more and more examples of what seems "on the surface" as a Unique Mechanism, is really a faux mechanism.

     You already understand what a Unique Mechanism is and why it works. Now it’s time to dial it up a notch because this workshop...
  • Shows you how to make more sales without having to be salesy, or feel icky like you're trying to convince prospects by simply telling them you have the best solution. 
  • ​You'll now be able to clearly comunicate to your prospects why your solution is superior to your competitors, so they see you as the number one choice to go with. 
  • Say goodbye to low sales, because with your correctly engineered Unique Mechanism your prospects simply get it and now buy much faster.
     You’ll discover my entire system for finding, naming, and deploying your own Unique Mechanism in 2023. 

     Finally, being seen as the real solution to your prospect’s problem. 

     You’re getting my latest and most current strategy on the Unique Mechanism. All of which are based on the changes we're seeing in the marketplace, and what the...

Most effective Unique Mechanisms

are doing TODAY, that they weren't doing eight months ago!

     By the end of this workshop, you'll walk away with your own Unique Mechanism, dialed in and ready-to-go. 

Now you’ll be set to deploy it and...

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NEW SALE notifications

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James Fry

James Fry

Stand out from competitors. 

     Own your market's premier method. Attract ready to pay clients and enjoy being a GO-TO AUTHORITY.

Like James Fry.

James runs the show over at Grow Everywhere. 

     He's a permaculturist by training and develops any food growing method that guarantees boatloads of nutrient-dense food with minimal effort and resources. 
     James was searching for a way to grow his business. At the time, he was generating around $12,000 per year.

“How did James go from $12,000 per year

to almost $12,000 PER DAY?”

     Once he started going through my training and deploying his own Unique Mechanism, sales skyrocketed to almost $12,000 per day. 

     Now he’s seen as a go-to authority in his marketplace, with a superior solution for his prospects. 

And the best part is…

     While his competition is YELLING LOUDER in the marketplace, making bigger promises and outrageous claims, he’s quietly...

Attracting high-quality clients like clockwork

and effortlessly growing his business!

Here's what James is saying...
     It’s the power of having a Unique Mechanism carefully crafted in your marketing message.

Look. Lazy marketers sell. 

     A-player marketers educate their prospects, so they’re seen as the obvious choice and authority. They’re working smarter and not harder. 

Now it’s time for you to...

Get the...


for your expertise that you deserve!

This workshop is perfect for anyone who is:
  • Struggling to get clients to see you as unique.
  • ​Unsure how to position your expertise the right way.
  • ​Disappointed with how ineffective your current marketing efforts are.
  • ​Eager to generate a steady, reliable stream of new clients.
  • Excited to help lots of people benefit from your expertise.
  • ​Motivated by the idea of having the #1 sought-after "method" in your marketplace.
And much more.

     As an expert, you want prospective clients to immediately SEE WHY you and your expertise is the superior option.

     The key to doing this is properly identifying and presenting your expertise as a Unique Mechanism. 

When you do this...

Your expertise and method

become the sought-after, obvious

choice for clients.

This workshop is...

Your FAST-TRACK for creating authority and instant credibility with prospects.

     While at the same time showing up differently in today’s crowded marketplace, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and be seen.

Now, you might be wondering what the cost is? 

     We’ll if you were to book a one-day training day with me to cover this in your business. First, the investment would be $15,000 for the day. 

     Second, you’d have to travel out to West Palm Beach to see me and cover all your travel expenses. 

     I have clients fly in all the time, and it’s completely worth it for them because of the results they end up getting.

It all goes down on

Thursday, March 25, 2021

at 10:00 am to 4:00 pm EST

Here’s what we’ll be GOING DEEP ON so you can move quickly into action, increasing sales within 24 hours after deploying your own Unique Mechanism:
  • 10 AM - 11 AM | INTRODUCTION: The secret to rapidly being the expert with the solution recognized as the best and obvious option in your entire marketplace.
  • 11AM - 12:00PM | DIFFERENTIATING IN 2021: Choosing one of the only two ways today to ensure you stand out as the superior expert. ​Giving your prospects the feeling of hope and excitement as you introduce them to your "differentiated method."
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00PM | LUNCH BREAK:
  • ​1:00 PM - 2:30 PM | IDENTIFYING YOUR UNIQUE MECHANISM: Interrogating your product/service to find the perfect Unique Mechanism. ​Selecting the appropriate Unique Mechanism type for your product and market.
  • 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM | NAMING YOUR UNIQUE MECHANISM: The main rule when naming your Unique Mechanism. Good and bad examples of Unique Mechanism names.
  • ​3:30 PM - 4:00 PM | DEPLOYING YOUR UNIQUE MECHANISM: Where, when, and how to use your Unique Mechanism in your marketing. You’ll also see how to deploy your Unique Mechanism to capture your marketplace's attention and interest.
John Rood

John Rood

Like John Rood.

     John is a young man who teaches people how to crush it on Amazon. Before doing a one-day training with me... 

His sales were barely trickling in. 

     Working with John to make ONE TINY TWEAK in his marketing changed the game for him.

After he deployed this in his marketing... 

John ramped up sales to over


In John’s case, DOING NOTHING would have cost him $200K. 

     John was so excited he went out and bought himself a brand new Lamborghini and shot me this video...
Quick question for you...

What’s the COST of

doing nothing different

in your business?

Let's NOT find out.

     Let’s get you access to this workshop right away, and I’m going to make it a complete no-brainer for you.

     You’re not going to pay my standard $15K nor have to travel to come to West Palm Beach.

     The price for this one-day workshop when I ran it live was a drop in the bucket at only $1,195. But today you can get access to it for a fraction of that... Read on!

Now, imagine the number of...


driving in daily after deploying your 

own Unique Mechanism.

     Plus, having me right by your side working together, helping you dial this into your business for 2023.

Having a Unique Mechanism precisely engineered for your specific business could... 

Change the entire game for you

in as little as 24 hours after deploying it.

Here’s what you’re getting when you reserve your spot today.

You’re getting:
  • Access to the Unique Mechanism one-day workshop recording (a $1,195 value.)
  • My Unique Mechanism Planner & Templates (a $450 value.)
That’s a total value of $1,645.00.

Now you'll have...

Everything you need to STAND OUT

in your marketplace as the superior expert

with the superior method!


     The Unique Mechanism is the most valuable marketing strategy I've ever mastered over the past 20 years.

     It works like nothing I've seen for driving in fresh new clients into the business. 

     It’s all because of how it positions your expert knowledge and method as something...

Wildly different and wildly superior

to every other option out there!

     And, because I’m so passionate about helping you deploy the Unique Mechanism in your business, I’m giving you another reason to grab your spot right now.

It's an exclusive training series called...

10 Marketing


Marketplace Mavens Use To Engineer Celebrity Status And Command Premium Fees!

     My brand new training is only available to the NEXT 50 MFA tribe members who register for this workshop!

The value of this training is $200 bucks!

Here’s EVERYTHING you’re getting:
  • Recordings of the Unique Mechanism one-day workshop (a $1,195 value.)
  • My Unique Mechanism Planner & Templates (a $450 value.)
  • ​10 Marketing Secrets Marketplace Mavens Use To Engineer Celebrity Status And Command Premium Fees! (a $200 value.)
That brings the total value up to $1,845.00.
In May, we’re doing our SECOND LIVE WORKSHOP on my...



You're going to dig this...

     For the serious marketer, this is one of the fastest ways to generate a frenzy of buyers!

     I specifically used this advanced strategy when we released a proprietary copywriting training program a few years back. 

And using the Narrative Lesson Series on...

“Just one short 7-day promotion

generated a healthy $468,215.00 in sales!”

     You’ll see precisely how to apply this 'Narrative Lesson Series' in your marketing campaigns to run record-breaking promotions and launches.

Here's what you’ll discover:
  • How to engineer captivating experiences and storylines for unique story-based promotions driving the market wild.
  • ​​The secret to bypassing your prospect’s sales resistance with simple dialogue, establishing all the necessary buying beliefs.
  • ​​Leveraging your prospect’s natural attraction to "voyeuristic stories," which move them to buy with excitement.
  • ​How to deliver value and extreme entertainment in your NLS while building demand for your offer before you ever present it.
  • My method for choreographing interactions with your story characters, which overcomes all your prospect’s possible buying objections.
  • ​​How to come across as a valuable "reporter" in your NLS with the strongest selling points coming from your interactions with other characters. (This way, you never look like you’re selling or pushing.)
  • The sneaky little process for cementing your prospect's attention to every episode of your NLS with amateur media and "golden gem cliffhangers."
  • ​How to correctly set-up your NLS, so it converts like crazy while delivering an enthralling experience like reading a great spy novel.
     Now, the price to attend this live workshop will be $1,000.00 for everyone else, EXCEPT YOU!

     When you register your seat today, you’re also getting a $300 credit towards my NEXT LIVE WORKSHOP!

Deploy Your Unique Mechanism FIRST

and THEN PAY - Only if You LOVE IT!

Here's the deal...

     If, for any reason, you’re not entirely over-the-moon about this workshop and deploying your new Unique Mechanism.

     If you don’t see how engineering this into your business can dramatically accelerate new client sales, amplify your authority and quickly impact your growth for the better

Then, no worries.

     Simply email my team and you won't have to pay a dime!

     Plus, you’ll get to keep my "10 Marketing Secrets Marketplace Mavens Use To Engineer Celebrity Status And Command Premium Fees!" as my gift for wasting your time. 

If you LOVE IT, simply do nothing!

     If you're like most MFA tribe members, you’ll love this workshop! If so, then do NOTHING, and we'll bill you the $1,195 $197 in 3 days AFTER you've had time to go thru the entire workshop! 

Sound fair enough?


     There’s a reason thousands of entrepreneurs and over 55 different countries have used the Unique Mechanism to launch, grow and scale their expert businesses since I first introduced it in 2012.

     Having a CORRECTLY engineered Unique Mechanism in your business has the potential to dramatically boost sales as it did for James, John, and many others. 

Get Started NOW by filling the order form below:

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If you're like most MFA tribe members, you'll LOVE IT! 

If so, then DO NOTHING, and we'll bill you the $1,195 $197 in 3 days AFTER you've had time to consume the entire workshop and implement it in your business.

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“Todd showed me how to create offers (for my business) visitors walk over hot coals to buy!

- Jason O'Neil

“Todd helped me get a 400% return on my investment!


“I struggled getting clients until I meet Todd. Now, my monthly revenue has doubled!


“Before Todd's help I was barely getting by. Since then, I just hit my first six-figure month!


“Working with Todd (for our specific business), allowed us to do over $250,000 in sales within 6 weeks!


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"It's going to have people's jaw drop open and have them want to listen, want to watch and want to buy everything you do. That's why you're going to have a competitive advantage nobody else is going to be able to beat."

- Marisa Murgatroyd | Creator, Live Your Message
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