I'll do 90% of the work, and...

"You immediately have a higher sales conversion rate...

or I pay you DOUBLE your money back!"

Either way... you walk away with more money.


  What This Will Do For You:

  • You'll have a "Winning Offer" that beats your current sales conversion rate in any one of your funnels. (See GUARANTEE below.)
  • ​You'll have a "Winning Offer" that consistently converts a higher percentage of funnel visitors into new buyers. 
  • ​You'll have a "Winning Offer" you can use with cold traffic to bring in front-end sales.
  • ​You'll have a "Winning Offer" you can scale with paid traffic to grow a bigger and bigger list of customers.

  What You Get:

  • You get the Winning Offer Creation System with your access to the half-day Accelerated Intensive recorded training… so you can have Winning Offers for all your new funnels going forward. 
  • ​You get the Winning Offer Construction Bundle… the Cheat Sheets, Worksheets, and all the Winning Offer Templates… so it’s brain-dead simple and easy for you to have a Winning Offer for all your campaigns.
  • ​You get the PRIVATE, One-On-One Winning Offer Creation Session with a member of my personal marketing team… so your first Winning Offer is nailed and dialed to perfection for you.
  • ​You get the 30-Day Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee

  The Investment:

Well, I’m normally paid $15,000 for a single day of consulting. 

So with the 4-hour accelerated intensive alone I would certainly be justified charging $7,500.00 for this.

Not too mention, you’ll be meeting one-on-one with one of my personal marketing team members. All who are paid a hefty sum. 

And if you count the Winning Offer Construction Bundle which could easily sell for $1,000 or more, and, of course, the value of being able to engineer and present Winning Offers… I’d say at $7,500 Your Winning Offer would be a ridiculous deal. 

But, I’m not going to have you pay $7,500.00.

Today, you can grab a spot in Your Winning Offer for ONLY $497.

  Money-Back Guarantee Details:

After going through the Accelerated Intensive and your PRIVATE One-On-One Winning Offer Creation Session... you can enjoy the next 30 days to see for yourself how much your new Winning Offer beats your current sales conversion rate. 

And your new Winning Offer either brings you more sales than you’re currently getting… by outperforming your current sales conversion rate… or you get back double your investment in Your Winning Offer. 

All you need to do to qualify for the guarantee is run a simple A/B split test with your current offer against the new Winning Offer we set-up for you… with at least 1000 visitors… over the following 30 days. Then show us some proof of your traffic and results. Screenshots will do. :-)

  Enrollment Ends:

This offer closes as soon as the LIMITED 81 29 spots are claimed... or... when the countdown timer on this page hits zero. 

Whichever comes first.  

You're strongly encouraged to enroll now if you want to ensure you don't miss-out. 

(While You Still Can)...

This is YOUR CHANCE to have me and my team nail the single most important part of YOUR entire marketing & sales system. 

*GENERALLY EXPECTED RESULTS: Expect to see an increase in sales conversion rate. Expect to be equipped to acquire more new buyers. 

There are no generally expected results regarding how much money you can make. The amount of money our clients make with our methods varies significantly depending on such factors as your business niche, prior experience with online businesses, the size of your list, your motivation, and the time, effort, consistent work, and money they invest in implementing (and not modifying) our processes.

EARNINGS DISCLOSURE: Nothing on this page should be taken as a promise of additional income or additional earnings.